Benefits Of Ordering Your Wholesale Lighting Supplies Online

Mittwoch, 22. März 2023
In such a time of digitalisation, there have been multiple developments and advancements being made on the digital front to improve not only the service but customer satisfaction, too. And it’s no surprise, really, considering how there are now more users online than ever before. Plus, choosing to shop online becomes increasingly more popular every year. Well, why wouldn’t it when everything can be done from your phone or laptop, in the comfort of your own home?

Shopping or ordering online often has its own perks, customer- and company- related.

Why Has Ordering Online Become So Popular?

There’s so much available online these days, too, from clothes and groceries to home decoration and lighting fixtures. As long as they have a device and a secured internet connection, people can have these items delivered straight to their front door – or office if it’s more convenient. All of this within a week, sometimes even just a couple of days.

A service like this is especially ideal for individuals that may have mobility issues or something that constrains them from making a trip to the stores.

The success of ordering online can be contributed to quite a number of things such as convenience and accessibility.

Convenience of Ordering Online

Undoubtedly one of the biggest aspects of success for shopping online – convenience. Although people can be divided into those who prefer in-person shopping and online shopping, the convenience of the latter cannot be denied. Buying something doesn’t require you to take a trip to the shopping centres anymore and that’s what has been incredibly helpful to the busy bodies. They have access to everything from the latest designer brands to a weekly grocery shop being delivered to their home.

Being limited due to your job isn’t a problem anymore! Those days spent nine-to-five working aren’t a hinderance to people who still have things to do outside from work. You have time to fit in hobbies, chores, errands – everything. Anything. So ordering online has been a massive hit for the people who have busy schedules. Because you’re more likely to be able to spare 15 minutes online.

Just make sure you’re able to accept your delivery!


Often unrestricted by geographical barriers, online shopping has opened up a world of companies and products from all over the globe. Now, it’s easier than it has ever been to purchase a product from outside of your own country. Of course, that’s providing that the courier ships first, overseas, and second, to your location specifically.

Accessibility doesn’t just refer to the location, though. It also refers to the inventory of a brand or company. In shops, there’s only so much floor space that can occupy the products currently in stock. But online? That’s basically unlimited floor space. Pages upon pages of products, categories, pictures, descriptions. Everything and more is available to access online.

Sometimes, brands and companies may even have special editions available that are only available for online purchase. This kind of marketing might be done to reward online buyers and to retain customer loyalty among online users. For instance, some businesses have a digital reward system that prizes them for specified-amount purchases.

Consumer Behaviour Changes

Over the last few years especially, consumers’ attitudes and behaviours towards shopping has changed quite generally.

Of course, there was an increased demand in online orders as everywhere shut up shop. Since moving away from that, plenty of consumers’ have changed their minds about online shopping. Whether they were people who preferred it to in-person shopping or not or were just window shoppers without making purchases.

One thing is for sure – those that shop online know their way around the market. They know how to shop smart: price comparisons, product comparisons, reviews. Plus, these are all easy access and if it’s a business you’re already aware of, the relationship is easier to build upon.

What Are The Benefits Of Ordering Wholesale Lighting Supplies Online?

Just like many other business vendors, physical and online based, Searchlight Electric also has many benefits for consumers if they choose to order their wholesale lighting supplies online.

If you order online with Searchlight, aside from the perks, you’ll have access to multiple features:

  • A Personal Unique Trading Price
Trading prices are the prices at which commodities are currently selling on the market but often, sellers can sell at a lower value. You might get a price with us that you won’t get anywhere else on the market.
  • Instant Email Order Confirmation
You don’t have to worry yourself wondering if you ever did place that order or if your payment is accepted. We’ll tell you. Your order confirmation email will be sent to you as soon as you place the order and it will include your order details. Then you’ll know what your order number is, how to track it (depending on the shipping option you chose), and how much it cost.
  • Product Comparison Functionality
Customers can compare details across products on a product comparison page to help you make a more informed buyer’s decision.
  • Live Stock Levels
Worried something might be out of stock? Well, don’t! You can check the stock levels of every product we have available on our online shop. Need a bulk order? With over hundreds of products and access to live stock levels, bulk orders are a problem of the past.
  • Manage Your Delivery Preferences
Life gets in the way sometimes and we understand that. Which is why managing your delivery preferences is something we offer to every customer ordering online. Choose what works best for you and we’ll work to it.
  • Order History in One Place
If you need to check through any of your other orders with us at any point, we’ll provide it to you all in one place. Every order you’ve ever placed with Searchlight Electric will show up here so you don’t have to go digging through your email inbox.
  • Register For LED Warranty Easily
Honestly, registering your LED warranty has never been easier. Your LED warranty will have a specified amount of time and it covers the cost should your LED product need replacing. Registering is always worth it to save you the future headache because you never know what might happen.

Order Your Wholesale Lighting Supplies With Searchlight Electric

Hopefully, we’ve shown you exactly what ordering online with Searchlight Electric has to offer.

As a business, we are committed to providing technologically advanced, decorative lighting products and unmatched customer service. Everything we do, we do with quality. If you want to see more of our products, we have catalogues available for download, including the 2022-23 international catalogue.

Alternatively, you can pay us a visit! Our purpose-built HQ, state-of-the-art distribution centre and large product showroom is located in Manchester. We also have another distribution centre located in The Netherlands. This puts us in the unique position of being able to meet the diverse needs of the lighting market and our global partners.
Contact us on 0161 203 3300.