Building A Sustainable Decorative Lighting Brand

Donnerstag, 13. Juli 2023

Becoming a decorative lighting retailer that was also sustainable was very important to Searchlight Electric Limited because it was a priority to us to ensure that we were trading ethically, sourcing responsibly, and working to prevent any negative sustainability impacts within our supply chain and throughout out business.

Which is why Searchlight Electric Ltd is committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards, behaviours, and ensuring that suppliers meet applicable laws and regulation. This SSP (Sustainable Sourcing Policy) sets out our commitment to work with our own factories towards a future that is successful and sustainable in the long-term. The SSP cannot address every situation but it provides some of the key principles so that businesses like ours can maintain even the minimum standards that are expected from the factories and subcontractors that provide goods or services to us.

Our journey to building a sustainable decorative lighting brand is one of commitment. Not just to becoming sustainable but also to supporting suppliers and offering guidance where it’s needed so that mandatory requirements of the SSP can be met.

How We Will Build A Decorative Lighting Brand That’s Sustainable

One of the most important factors to building sustainability for our brand is to source responsibly. Searchlight aims to buy materials and products that are from sustainable and traceable sources in the supply chain. Of those materials and products, we will heavily consider their environmental impact as well as the impact of procuring those goods and services for our business operations. Factories must be conducted with honest and integrity and in Searchlight Electric Ltd, we’re working to uphold this not only within the internal operations but also across the entire supply chain.

Through acting ethically and with integrity in all our business dealings and relationships, Searchlight will be successful in ensuring human rights violations aren’t taking place in our own business. We won’t only implement effective systems but enforce them, too.

It’s important for us to make the effort to be environmental leaders. Our products will be designed and sourced to the benefit of our customers, too, so they can be confident in us. We are taking care of environmental issues across the process of designing and procuring products. We are taking care for the responsibility of environmental issues. Year on year, we’ll work to improve the environmental performance of our operations, focusing particularly on energy, reducing waste, and managing climate change risks.

The suppliers we work with are trusted completely by us to design and make our products to the highest standards, provide the showrooms which we use to store, sell, and supply our products, and provide other essential services we need for our business operations. The factories we select to work with to obtain the materials, products, and services Searchlight requires are ones that are socially and environmentally responsible. Suppliers we choose to work with will be required, by us, to disclose details about their business and manufacturing materials. We also require them to match our efforts to reduce their carbon footprint and their overall environmental impact.

Searchlight Electric Limited

We have completed a membership on Alcumus which means that Searchlight Electric Ltd is now verified with SafeSupplier.

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