7 Decorative Lighting Trends For 2024

Mittwoch, 24. Januar 2024
image of a living room with trending 2024 decorative lighting and a yellow sofa
Do you stick to classic interior styles, or do you like to follow trends? If it’s the latter, keep reading because we’re talking about 9 decorative lighting trends for 2024.

As a lighting wholesaler, we like to keep our eye on up-and-coming trends and what’s falling out of favour so that we always have the best products available for our customers. As well as stocking classic styles, we have hundreds of current, trending decorative lighting styles available.

Trending Decorative Lighting

Whether you are looking to update your lighting stock, are an interior designer, or homeowner with an eye for trends, we have something in stock at Searchlight to suit all tastes, and trends. Here are 7 of our favourite decorative lighting trends for 2024, along with some examples from our own stock.

Image of bamboo ceiling pendantsSustainable Natural Styles 
Lighting that incorporates natural materials has been trending for a while and doesn’t show any sign of slowing down in 2024. Everyone is still crazy about woven light shades and styles that incorporate natural wood. Interior enthusiasts have been falling into two camps for a few years now. The people who love the softness of bamboo, wicker, and soft-toned woods - and those who prefer bold metallics and a flashier style. We love both but you can't deny the charm of bringing the outside in with woven ceiling pendants like our Bali light or our Ash LED ceiling bar.

Modern Takes On Classic Styles 
Some lighting styles never go out of fashion, such as classic chandeliers but with people wanting more innovative takes on the design staple, we’re seeing more modern chandelier styles. A new chandelier-style pendant provides a stunning feature for any space whilst looking smart and modern. We love our Bijou crystal ceiling pendant for a touch of glamour or the striking Clarissa 8 light pendant.

Architectural lighting
If you have any interesting architectural features or quirks in your home, then you will be glad to know that the latest interior trends celebrate these features. An easy way to highlight architectural features such as recesses, arches, and curves is with wall lighting. We love our plaster wall lights because they can be painted the same colour as the wall they are mounted on, providing a seamless way to light up a recess, for example. Spotlights, such as our Quad spotlight are also ideal for lighting up features such as archways.

Flush and Semi Flush Lighting 
We recently wrote a blog about the differences between flush and semi-flush ceiling lights and it looks like we were right on time too. Sometimes forgotten about, it seems flush ceiling lights are making a bit of a comeback. Flush ceiling lights are extremely practical for spaces with low ceilings, but it appears more people are starting to admire the aesthetic properties of these slimline beauties too. Just take a look at some of our new flush ceiling lights – so many exciting choices available today!

Integrated LED Styles 
LED technology now allows for some pretty interesting and unique lighting styles that weren’t previously possible. When LED strip lighting is integrated into a fitting there are no visible light bulbs or the need to change bulbs ever – the lighting is integrated into a silicone strip. Take a look at our Circolo cage drum pendant pictured below – no lightbulbs!
an image of a lounge with an integrated led pendant
Gold lighting has ruled supreme for several years now, especially satin finishes, but there are signs that interior designers are now opting for more understated brass finishes. Combinations such as satin brass with amber glass, as seen in our Barrel pendant, provide a luxurious finish without being too flashy or obvious. Brass and opal glass together, as seen in our Endor pendant, also provide the same effect.

image of bamboo spotlightsUnusual spotlights 
When people think of spotlights they may think of the standard chrome type, which whilst effective, don’t suit every interior. Spotlights are particularly useful in kitchens so that lights can be directed towards crucial areas such as those where food is prepared or eaten. Our Lance spotlights are a new take on this practical style of light, combining the continuing trends of black metal and bamboo.

Searchlight Electric – Trending Decorative Lighting

Do you know of any other decorative lighting styles you think will be trending in 2024? We hope our guide inspired you, particularly if you’re a lighting retailer and are looking to update your stock this Spring.

You might be interested in downloading our 2023/24 catalogue too for a better idea of current styles. We also add hundreds of new styles to our website each year to ensure we stay on top of current trends and can meet the needs of our customers.

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