What Is The Difference Between Flush And Semi Flush Ceiling Lights?

Dienstag, 16. Januar 2024
flush ceiling light in a room
When it comes to enhancing the overall ambience and aesthetic of a space, ceiling lights play a large role. This can be tricky in spaces that have low ceilings or don’t have much space in general.

The solution? Flush and semi-flush ceiling lights!

These slimline lights are ideal from both a practical and aesthetic view, but what is the difference between them and how do you choose which option is right for you?

Flush Vs Semi Flush Ceiling Lights

Mounting Height
Flush ceiling lights are mounted directly against the ceiling, protruding less further than semi-flush lights. They are much more compact or slimline and often give a seamless appearance – as though the light is integrated into the ceiling.

They are the ideal choice for rooms where the ceiling height is very low, or the room is very small, and a larger light would be obstructive.

Semi-flush ceiling lights, unlike totally flush lights, will protrude or hang further down from the ceiling. They may also leave a small gap between the light fixture and the ceiling. Semi-flush decorative ceiling lights are also ideal for low-ceilinged spaces and small rooms.

Design and Aesthetics
Flush ceiling lights are usually quite minimalistic looking, offering a clean, sleek, and contemporary look. They are unobtrusive and complement a variety of interior styles.

On the other hand, semi-flush ceiling lights often combine the more decorative elements of a ceiling pendant whilst still having a low profile.

Due to their low profile, flush ceiling lights are extremely versatile and work well in any space that has a low ceiling or isn't very large. They work particularly well in hallways, cupboards or closets, toilets, small bedrooms, or attic rooms with low ceilings. They can be used just about anywhere you need unobtrusive lighting – either for aesthetic purposes or practical ones (hitting your head on a pendant light will hurt!)

Semi-flush ceiling lights offer the same benefits but are usually a little more decorative and are ideal for small spaces where you still want the ceiling lighting to be a feature.  

Light Distribution
Both styles of light are designed to distribute light evenly across a room, making them a practical choice for small spaces. Semi-flush lights may have a slightly more down-angled light but both styles offer enough light to illuminate any type of space.

Choosing Between Flush Ceiling Lights And Semi Flush

When it comes to choosing between flush and semi-flush ceiling lights, the first consideration should be practicality.  A lot of the time, flush ceiling lights are a practical choice made necessary by very low ceilings.

With low ceilings, there is the danger of hitting your head on a pendant light, or the light being too visible and dominating the space.

When choosing between flush and semi-flush, the first thing you should check is how far out from the ceiling the light will protrude. This can be done by making a note of the height of the light you wish to purchase and then testing it out. Will it be in the way or look too large for the space?

Our Favourite Flush And Semi Flush Lights

As mentioned, flush ceiling lights are often much more minimalistic than their semi-flush counterparts. Here are our favourites…

image of the ripple flush ceiling lightflorida flush ceiling lightrhea flush light
And here are some of our most decorative semi-flush ceiling lights – ideal for smaller spaces where you want to still make a big impact…

armstrong semi flush ceiling lightboule semi flush lightelise semi flush ceiling light

Searchlight Electric

We hope you found our guide to flush and semi-flush ceiling lights illuminating! You should have a good idea now of the differences and which style would suit your space.

We have no shortage of flush ceiling light ideas too – just check out how many flush and semi-flush styles we offer on our website. We have hundreds of styles to choose from and add hundreds more each year. Which will you choose?

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