How To Get Your Lighting Right For Autumn And Winter

Donnerstag, 9. November 2023
image of a earm tone autumn light with exposed bulb and black cage
Indoor lighting is always an important aspect of any well-styled interior – the right lights can make or break the look of a space, but, in autumn and winter, lighting becomes even more key for a successful interior look.

There are two reasons. First, there is the practical element…it’s now dark pretty early in the evening, at least here in the UK, and we need lights to see what we’re doing!

Secondly, most people start to spend more time indoors in the autumn and winter, searching for cosiness. Decorative lighting can play a large role in giving your home those cosy autumn and winter vibes.

Read on for our advice on getting your lighting right for autumn and winter.

image of pal, shaped decorative lampDecorative Lighting For Autumn & Winter

We’ve previously written about styling with lamps, and there is no time like Autumn to invest in a couple of lamps to take you through the colder months. Lamps are essential in creating a cosy look for your home.

Table lamps or floor lamps can be both practical and stylish, helping you complete tasks when it’s darker and can also add a nice feel to a room, without having to turn on the ‘big light’ (nobody likes the big light on, especially in the evening when you’re trying to watch television and relax!)

Although we do have some ceiling lights we think are perfect for autumn and winter.  The Amsterdam 3 light bar pendant is great for creating a warm feeling with its beautiful smoked glass pendants.

An easy way to update your lamps for autumn and winter is by switching out the shades if you have those types of lamp fittings. You could go for warmer colours such as reds, browns, or mustard.

image of a lamp in the shape of a deer with grey shadeIf you have exposed bulb lamps you can try playing around with different bulbs and lamp bulbs to create a different look or change the mood of the lighting. Cold white lighting can be jarring at any time of year but particularly so in autumn and winter when you want to add warmth to your home.

You could go for a new lamp base too if your room needs an update. We think our palm table lamp bases are beautiful for autumn, particularly if you add a warm-toned lamp shade.

Incorporating more natural materials into your lighting can also look great in autumn and winter. You may not think of wood when you think of wall lights but just look at our Curio wall lights. They add a lovely warm glow and natural element to a space.

For winter, unusual animal lamps can also make a striking feature in a lounge or dining room. Our Deer table lamp is beautiful all year round but would look especially great in winter!

Image of the alex outdoor lampostOutdoor Lighting For Autumn & Winter

Moving on from interior lighting, outdoor lighting also becomes more important in autumn and winter. Mostly for practical reasons! Outdoor lighting can provide a decorative look for the outside of your home, highlight architectural features, spotlight trees or plants, and also add a more ‘we’re at home’ cosiness to the exterior of your home.

Outdoor lighting is also important from a safety and security point of view. In the darkest months, many people will be leaving for work and coming home, in darkness. Outdoor lighting around your home is practical to stop you tripping over in the dark, prevents fumbling around not being able to find your keys, and can make you feel just that little bit safer.

We absolutely love our Alex range of outdoor lighting. They look great all year round but in autumn and winter, they look especially great, adding a classic look to any type of home. Take the Alex outdoor post, for example. When it's snowing outside? Or there are autumn leaves all around? Perfect!

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