How To Boost Decorative Lighting Sales On Social Media

Donnerstag, 15. Juni 2023

If you are a decorative lighting retailer selling online, or even if you have a store, boosting sales through social media may be a goal that has so far, escaped you. Getting your social media presence just right and managing to increase sales can take a bit of trial and error, but once you have learnt the secret sauce you will be flying.

In this article, we’re sharing five ways you can boost lighting sales through social media.

Social Media Tips For Decorative Lighting Retailers

Inspire Your Customers 
We’ve already covered styling lamps in a retail environment, but what if your business is online sales only? Sure you can use the stock images of products, and these are ok for your website as they allow the customer to focus on the product, but social media is about building a presence, a sense of style, and showcasing how products can be used. Customers are looking for inspiration so why not use products to stage how products can be used and what sort of mood they can set.

There are several ways you can go about this – studio photography and set-up is the most expensive option but will produce the best results, but how about using lighting and accessories in your own home to take photographs? Lighting such as lamps and pendants can be styled temporarily for photographs and the resulting images will feel much more aspirational on your social media channels, rather than using stock images.

Consider The Purpose Of Each Post 
When you post on social media, carefully consider the purpose of each post and create a call to action (CTA). Do you want to highlight a specific product? Encourage people to browse your website? Draw attention to a sale?

Creating a goal and having a purpose in mind will feel much more satisfying when you see followers taking the exact action you wanted them to. So, for example, if you want to boost sales of a specific product, first collect images of the product, think about what you want to say about it and why people should buy it. Write the copy for your post, post images and make sure you include the relevant link. Make it easy for customers to see the benefits of the products, and where they can go to buy them!

Collaborate With Influencers 
Think Instagram collabs are just for beauty brands? Think again! Home interiors are one of the most popular types of content on Instagram and savvy lighting retailers are teaming up with influencers to boost sales. Working with an influencer can be as simple as you providing a couple of products in return for the influencer posting your products on their account.

When you are deciding which account to work with, ask about their audience and check if your products would be a good fit. For example, if your products are budget products don’t look to work with influencers that usually promote luxury goods, and vice versa. Make sure their audience aligns with your own. You don’t have to choose influencers with enormous amounts of followers for this to work either – smaller accounts that have dedicated followers and high levels of engagement can be just as fruitful.

Engage Your Audience
Don’t be sucked into thinking that follower numbers are the most impressive statistics on social media platforms. Follower numbers are useless if those people don’t engage with your content. Engagement comes in the form of likes, shares, and best of all – comments. An engaged audience is more likely to buy your products, visit your website, and even become loyal to your brand.

To encourage followers to engage with your posts, create content that will produce emotions in people, ask questions, and seeks to gather follower opinions. Polls and surveys are a great way to do this! Don’t forget to reply to comments too. If people ask questions or simply say they like a product, reply to them! Even if they aren’t ready to make a purchase right now, people remember brands that take the time to speak to them as it makes them feel valued.

Keep Posts Consistent 
Finally, try to keep your posts consistent as consistency will help followers become more familiar with your brand. Consistency is important in two areas; the content you post and when you post.

To keep your content consistent, use your brand colours, elements, and logos on posts, or pick a style of posts and stick to them. you should apply the same idea to the tone of voice you use too – are you a fun and quirky brand? Or is the way you speak to followers more business-like?

Once you start posting on social media you should also stick to a schedule – think about how many days out of the week you can realistically post, then pick set days and times. Stick to your schedule and customers will expect to see your content. It doesn’t look good on a business when there are large gaps between posts on their social media channels, or when they go completely silent!

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