Introducing The Project Collection

Mittwoch, 13. Dezember 2023
image of the project collection catalouge
Founded in 1945, here at Searchlight Electric we have more than 75 years of experience as a trusted lighting wholesaler but did you know that we also have a dedicated collection for commercial projects? Introducing the Project Collection, our specialist toolkit for residential and commercial lighting in the UK market.

What is Commercial Lighting?

Commercial lighting is any type of lighting that is designed for use in a commercial setting. The definition of commercial premises includes anywhere that isn’t used for residential, industrial, or manufacturing purposes. This might be offices, retail premises, hospitality, or education and healthcare settings.

Commercial-grade lighting typically has a specific purpose, whether that’s to create a certain atmosphere - for example setting the right mood in a shop or restaurant, or to create a safe, productive environment - for example, in a school or hospital. Commercial lighting is designed and manufactured to different specifications than residential lighting. This is because it needs to meet higher standards in order to be fit for purpose, including being suitable for continuous use, being longer lasting than its residential counterparts and meeting required safety criteria.

What is Residential Lighting?

Residential lighting is any type of lighting that has been designed and manufactured specifically for use in living spaces. This might be family homes, student housing or apartments.

Much like commercial lighting, residential lighting must straddle both aesthetics and functionality in its design, as it needs to enhance the living space and complement the interior, while being suitable for its purpose, whether that’s ambient lighting, task lighting or accent lighting.

Increasingly, residential spaces are dual purpose, as people use their homes for work, entertainment and hobbies as well as rest and relaxation, therefore lighting needs to be flexible and an integral part of a home’s design, not just an afterthought.

Applications for Commercial and Residential Lighting

Commercial and residential lighting has many possible applications, from new-build housing developments, and home renovation projects in the residential sector through to commercial applications. This might include retail, leisure, hotels, education and student accommodation.

The Benefits of Using a Commercial and Residential Lighting Specialist

There are many benefits to turning to a lighting specialist for your commercial or residential lighting project. Here are just some of the reasons to consider the Project Collection before undertaking your next installation.

Achieve a Balance of Form and Function

With our many years of experience as a commercial and residential lighting specialist, we understand that lighting needs to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing, to enhance its environment and fulfil its purpose. Our Project Collection products are specially designed to do just that and are carefully selected for their architectural merit as well as their functionality and durability.

Products That Stand the Test of Time

By using a commercial and residential lighting specialist for your project, you can rest assured that your installation will satisfy the demands required of it. Additionally, our Project Collection products come with a 5-year warranty as standard, giving you ultimate peace of mind.

Meet Your Sustainability Goals

We understand the importance of sustainability in commercial and residential lighting projects, which is why we keep packaging to a minimum and use recyclable materials where possible. Cutting-edge technology that includes replaceable elements ensures that your installation is future-proofed and maximises your project’s budget.

The Benefit of Experience

As part of Searchlight Electric, using the Project Collection for your installations, means you benefit from our decades of experience and proven track record in commercial and residential lighting.

Introducing the Project Collection

The Project Collection was established in 2017 as a toolkit for residential lighting in the UK and has since expanded to include commercial lighting applications. The Project Collection has been designed with our customers in mind, whether you’re embarking on a new-build project or undertaking a refurbishment.

We developed the Project Collection because we believe that lighting is a vital element in any design project but its value and importance are often overlooked, despite the fact that it impacts the aesthetics, ambience and functionality of any space.

Our 2024 catalogue includes 19 new and improved product ranges, including ceiling and wall lighting, recessed lighting, track and spot lighting, and LED strip lighting. It also features table and floor lighting, outdoor lighting and light shades, all designed specifically for commercial use.

The new collection also features an expanded range of hotel wall lights, as well as wall plaster and mirrored lighting.

Find Out More About the Project Collection

The new Project Collection 2024 catalogue is available to download now. All products are held in stock so you can be assured of swift delivery to meet your project deadlines.

Alternatively, to discuss your lighting needs with a member of our team, don’t hesitate to get in touch or call us on 0161 203 3456 today. We’d love to help with your next commercial or residential lighting project.