Latest Decorative Lighting Trends in Standard Lamps to Help You Beat The Competition

Donnerstag, 25. Mai 2023

When you design your home and add the finishing touches to the decoration, the last thing you want is lighting that you’re unsatisfied with. Establishing the right lighting atmosphere in your home is crucial to not only your satisfaction with the designs but also for setting the right mood or providing the perfect activity light.

Every year, there are usually different decorative lighting trends to follow the season, the year, or just whatever’s the most popular across many homes. And it’s not a surprise, really. Lighting can seriously alter the way a room looks and the way it feels. Warm, comforting, inviting. But of course, it needs to be carefully considered. Even if you want all of those things, you still need practicality, functionality.

Standard Lamps: Decorative Lighting Trends

Standard lamps can really add character to a room. They’re tall, stand on the floor, and are often available in a whole category of colours, shapes, and designs. They don’t always stand out, though, because sometimes tucking them behind a chair or into a corner makes the most sense. That’s the best position for them to provide the most amount of light possible into the room. But that can mean they don’t really get the attention they deserve.

Here’s some trends that you can use to help you beat your competition when it comes to decorative standard lighting.

Have the Lamp’s Design as the Focus

As homeowners, if we get lucky, we can often find a super unique piece for our room that creates an impact all on its own. Whether it’s because it’s a really unusual shape, made innovatively or out of recycled materials, there is always a more increased desire when looking for such pieces. The lamp is different and quirky and eye-catching for all the right reasons and it can be easier to design around this one piece.

If it’s the first thing you buy for your room, you can focus on decorating with other accents that highlight the lamp. And if it’s the last thing you buy, you can rearrange furniture around this lamp so that it is placed best for functionality but also for catching the attention of anyone who sees it.

It also helps to consider what would like good in your style of house. Our antique brass Adjustable Floor Lamp, for instance, is the perfect lighting for the more vintage-looking spaces. And it looks particularly traditional in a living or dining area of the house.

Sculptural Lamps

Sculptural lights are real statement pieces. Stunning, artistic, unique. Sculpted lighting pieces can add a softness or fluidity to interiors that creates a very welcoming environment in your home. Whether the structure is silhouetted or more free-flowing in its design, they can be very room-filling and eye-catching pieces.

Many interior designers and insiders expect the trend for this year to be curves and domes and arches. It seems no surprise that the same year as the Coronation of the new King, many traditional and vintage design elements are brought back to our houses.

Look at our Arcs Floor Lamp – it has an arch and a dome!

Mood Enhancing Lighting

We are in a particular time where quite a large number of people are coming to see the importance of wellbeing, relaxation, and restoration. And there’s no better place to welcome those things than in the comfort of our own home.

Warm lighting options are one of the best when it comes to creating a relaxed and calm space and there are many ways to achieve this – layered lighting, candles, salt lamps. But sometimes, there’s just nothing better than a standard lamp that hits the nail on the head. Like the Caraffe Twisted Cage lamp, it creates a unique scattered light effect and one of it’s selling points is the completely exceptional design. A twisted cage with an exposed bulb. The perfect lamp for creating a relaxing, comfortable environment. Now, who said you need fairy lights to do that?

Natural Materials

Natural materials that don’t cost us earth resources are in and will be for the foreseeable. Plus, you can’t deny how good wood, rattan, and wicker lighting look, can you?

Mixing up natural materials in your home can bring a real earthly vibe, not to mention that they style incredibly well with other design styles like black or grey metal and brass. Have you seen our Wicker Floor Lamp? The black wicker shade matched with black metal to finish gives the exposed bulb inside a very floaty feel. It’s a bold piece with its dark colour but the contrast with the warm bulb inside creates a soft, inviting ambience to any room it’s placed in.

Fogged Glass

When we put bulbs in our fixtures, we have a tendency to also buy shades for the lamp and this is because exposed bulbs have quite an intensity in terms of brightness. It’s not always comforting to look at, even if the bulb is warm-toned. It’s often the same when we choose glass shades or something bright, stark white.

Which is why there are also lamps available that have glass which is slightly fogged. Whether you opt for Frosted Glass Lamps or Smoked Glass Lamps, the intent is the same. We want to minimise the affect the light has, tone down the intensity, create a more relaxing environment. Course, it doesn’t hurt that the designs for these lamps are also very stylish and adaptable, very suited to modern and contemporary living spaces.

Searchlight Electric Limited

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