Lighting The Coronation: How To Use Lighting To Celebrate The New King

Donnerstag, 4. Mai 2023
It’s almost the King’s Coronation Day! Last year, this date seemed miles away and yet it’s already upon us. As our country celebrates a new era and officially embraces the new monarch, many people are doing their part in hosting parties and decorating their spaces. Whether that’s their garden, their street, their store, or a room in their home.

And on the decoration committee is lighting. Why? Because even though it gets dark later in the evenings now, there’s nothing wrong with lighting up your space to create the right mood. And there’s especially nothing wrong with a little red, white, and blue lighting. You can choose coronation-themed lighting to show your support for the coronation or you can use the lighting you’ve already got. You could even use it in a different way if you wanted. Like, say, changing the bulb to a UK-themed LED one.

Using Lighting to Celebrate the Coronation

There’s a massive range of lighting products you can use to celebrate the coronation of King Charles, and that includes the products you already have in your store. It’s all about curating your space to create an affect or atmosphere fit for royalty.

If you have a nicely-crafted outdoor space, you might have products there already that fit the theme. Searchlight’s Portabello portable outdoor table lamp, for instance, is a pretty good lighting product to have. And it’s pretty perfect for spring.

Not only is it portable so you can move it wherever and however much you like, but it’s also available in one of the country’s colours (white). Plus, it illuminates any area it’s in easily due to the fact that it’s a touch lamp. LED operated means that it’s even energy efficient so you’ll be saving on your energy bills whilst doing something for the environment.

However, there are some coronation-themed lighting products out there for you to use. Coronation LED Festoon lights, anyone? Would you go for red, white, and blue shaded glass or LED bulbs? What about using lanterns? They’re an absolute classic.

Searchlight has a wide range of lanterns to choose from, as well. From ceiling pendants, to table lanterns, to outdoor floor lanterns, we’ve pretty much got your coronation lighting sorted.

No matter whether you choose to go all out or if you just decorate what you’ve got, you can still celebrate the new King.

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