Minimalist Lamps And Ceiling Lights

Dienstag, 17. Oktober 2023
For people interested in interiors, there appear to be two camps – the minimalists and the maximalists. Whilst maximalists favour lots of colours, objects, textures and patterns, minimalists prefer a calming, uncluttered approach to interiors. This usually includes light fixtures and fittings.

In this article, we’re going to explore the minimalist trend and some of our favourite minimalist lamps and ceiling lights.

What Is Minimalism In Interiors?

Broadly speaking, minimalism is the concept that less is more! Minimalism can apply to music, arts, interiors, architecture, and cooking…it can even be applied as a philosophy to live your life by.

In interiors though, minimalist has a very specific look and is very similar to modern design. If maximalists enjoy being surrounded by colour, minimalists favour simple, functional interiors.

Minimalism took hold of interior trends in the mid-2000s and like many trends has come back around – anyone who spends any time online will be familiar with the likes of Kim Kardashians' vast minimalist home. Although her home is perhaps an extreme example of minimalism, the trend has filtered down and many interior enthusiasts are returning to minimalist looks.

Minimalist interiors have a few basic elements – the focus is very much on styling a space so that it feels comfortable and homely, with as little fuss as possible. Whilst decorative elements aren’t completely abandoned, more thought is placed on object functionality, rather than just placing anything anywhere.

Typically, monochrome pallets are used – blacks, greys, and whites. Over the last couple of years, there has also been a resurgence in browns and natural tones. It’s a common misconception that colour has no place in minimalist pallets too – colour, when used thoughtfully absolutely can be used in a minimal interior. So long as the overall design still uses clean lines, simple shapes, and objects that don’t have heavy ornamentation or decoration.

Lighting is an important part of the style with a focus on simple shapes, functionality, and sleek materials such as chrome, polished or satin finishes, and glass. Exposed light bulbs that show how a light works are also popular, although this does have some crossover into the industrial style too.

Although sleek lighting can be used to elevate a space, there is also an interest in multipurpose lamps and task lighting that fits the style and can be used for practical applications.

Searchlight Electric are a stockist of wholesale lamps and lights in all styles, we stock a range of lights that fit the minimalist aesthetic - we’ve showcased some of our favourites below.

Our Favourite Minimalist Ceiling Lights  

An obvious choice for minimalist ceiling lights would be to go for flush or semi-flush ceiling lights – their low profile makes them unobtrusive and you can choose from very simple styles to something with a little more pizazz, such as our flush Cirque ceiling light.

We also love our Matrix 6 light flush fitting. Finished in matt black with 4 Integrated crosshatch LED strips, the Matrix is perfect for the minimalist feel.

If you prefer pendant-style ceiling lights, we have a winner for you with our Balls 3 light Bar Pendant – available in chrome with smoked glass, chrome and clear glass, and antique brass with amber glass, the stunning fixture looks great used in a kitchen either above an island or table or as in the image below, a lounge.

If you’re looking for something in between a pendant and a flush light, track lights and spotlights could be the best option for you. Our Palmer 6 Light Adjustable Bar Spotlight is a good choice – extremely simple, yet practical. The adjustable bar means the light can be positioned to highlight or direct light towards different areas of your space.  

Our Top Minimalist Lamps

If you’re looking for a minimalist table lamp, they don’t come simpler and more elegant than our crane table lamp – a thing of beauty we think! Our Naomi table lamp is also popular, giving a minimal aesthetic and hitting the trend for marble.  

If you’re after a minimalist floor lamp, our arc lamp is ideal – a design classic, its sleek lines and marble base are just right for a modern interior.

When it comes to wall lighting, you may be looking for something that blends in with walls and architectural features, which can be difficult as lights do tend to stand out on walls. However, we have a perfect solution – plaster wall lights come in a range of shapes and sizes and are extremely unobtrusive. The best part? They can be painted to match the finish of their destination wall, making them appear seamless.

Wholesale Minimalist Lamps And Ceiling Lights

We hope our guide to minimalist lamps and ceiling lights provided you with a little bit of inspiration. If you are a lighting stockist or stock interior products in your store, you may want to consider downloading our latest catalogue.

Searchlight Electric are a major wholesale lighting retailer used by decorative lighting sellers and stores. With thousands of products on our website and hundreds of new ones added each year, we keep on top of emerging trends as well as stocking classic styles.  

If you have any questions about products or working with us, please contact us. Or you can visit our lighting showroom in Manchester if you would like to see some of our products in person.