What Are The Wholesale Lighting Trends For Summer 2023?

Donnerstag, 9. März 2023

Everybody loves something that’s trendy – it’s cool, stylish, sometimes unique. And lighting is no different. But the one thing you have to consider with lighting isn’t just its style but its functionality. It has to perform efficiently and look good in your space whilst doing so.

There’s a whole collection of lighting, ranging from part-of-the-furniture built-in LEDs to fanciful chandeliers. Whatever you’re looking for, something fresh and unique or simple and subtle, there’s lighting suited for everyone.

To help you get some inspiration, we’re going to tell you some of the wholesale lighting trends for summer 2023 so you can get ahead of the game.

Latest Lighting Trends for 2023

With all the variety in styles and designs every single year, sometimes predicting what will be the most popular can be challenging. It could be anything, really. But those we forecast to be popular trends for the year also depends on what people have been loving and buying in recent years.

And what’s the most suitable for each king of property as well as the seasons. Some lighting fixtures are room-specific only whereas others are multi-faceted – they can be used in many kinds of creative ways. Does a desk reading lamp have to be just for reading?

Energy Efficient Wholesale Lighting

One thing we do know with any certainty is that energy efficient, or eco-friendly, lighting options will be incredibly popular this coming year. And it will remain this way many years into the future, too. Energy efficiency in products has really taken form over the past decade.

In fact, going for a greener approach has surpassed the actual lighting method, LEDs, and has moved onto the fixtures themselves. Lighting fixtures made from natural, recycled, or recyclable materials are products that are, overall, better for the planet. Just due to the organic and repurposed nature of them.

So any fixtures with bamboo, rattan, wood, glass, will all be super popular this year as they help people to make their spaces more environmentally friendly. Like this bamboo and steel ceiling pendant.

There’s also the Bloom Swirl LED Floor Lamp which is of contemporary design, finished with natural wood rising from a matte black base. This one’s a real statement piece when it comes to both style and natural composition.

Metallic Finishes

A nice chrome or gold metallic finish has always been a popular style when it comes to lighting fixtures. Especially in kitchens or rooms where there are many stone, stainless-steel, or wood-finished appliances and surfaces.

For instance, this black and gold ceiling pendant is great for pretty much any room. A real focal point. A very classic cylinder shape with LED fittings. The LEDS are even dimmable!

Lighting Layers

Not only is layered lighting stylish when it’s done right, but it’s incredibly complimentary. And it adds so much depth to a room.

It’s not quite as structural as it sounds, though. Layered lighting doesn’t necessarily mean a floor light with multiple fixtures in different areas. It can actually be something simpler, too, like pairing floor lamps with table lamps in a room for lounging.

Or maybe pairing pendant lights with a back-lit mirror in a bathroom. Just a little something to either create ambience lighting or to give a fuller light profile, like what you’d need in a bathroom or office.

Products Perfect for Summer 2023

Fitting in with the trends for 2023, some of Searchlight Electric’s new products are perfect for summer. The time for sitting outdoors, hosting family and friends, relaxing, bathing in natural light until 9PM… What could be better?

New Outdoor Fixtures

Our stylish Batton outdoor post adds a contemporary feel to any outdoor space. At 450mm or 900mm tall, the Batton is crafted with stainless steel with a matte black powder-coated finish. Designed with a smoked shade, this is both a stylish and safe way to illuminate those darker areas outside.

Sometimes, there’s nothing more romantic feeling than lighting some candles and watching the flames. Though it’s not quite as small or as scented as a candle is, these Box II outdoor posts resemble them nicely. With a silver finish and available as 500mm, 900mm, and as a wall light, they are the perfect addition to light up any garden.

Outdoor table lamps: the ultimate summer lighting addition. Providing the perfect pop of colour in green! Creating a real summer feel, the Portabello table lamp is fully portable so you can place it anywhere with ease. Moved your furniture? Not a problem at all. Plus, it’s energy efficient with its LED source, meaning it uses up to 75% less energy and will last 20 times longer than an incandescent sourced fixture.

New Table Lamps

The 33cm Circolo table lamp brings a contemporary feeling and nice ambient lighting for any living space when used in pairs. These table lamps have 2 small concentric rings of LED joined by matte black rods which, overall, creates a very on-trend aesthetic to your space.

Their overall look and the ambience the light provides make these perfect for summer, and especially any lounging conservatory space. Who says you can’t be cosy in summer, too?

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