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jeudi 4 janvier 2024
image of a brass wall lamp on a blue background
Brass wall lights can make a great addition to any property, whether the interior style is classical or contemporary. Brass lighting adds a touch of class or a luxurious feel.

As a premier provider of wholesale brass wall lights, we thought we would take the time to pick out 5 top brass wall lights from our collections and highlight why we love them! We hope you do too!

Wall Lights

hotel style wall lightWe’ve previously written about creative ways to use wall lights, but here is a reminder of how they can play a key role in the overall lighting design of a space.

Wall lights can be used to:

  • To create a focal point – instead of a piece of art
  • Highlight architectural features
  • Highlight pictures or artwork
  • Add ambience and mood
  • Provide functional lighting
Selecting the right finish and style will only enhance the overall aesthetic of an interior. Brass light fittings don’t really ever go out of style as the metal adds to an overall classic feel. Although, in recent years, certain brass finishes have had a rise in popularity – satin brass, for example, tends to be more popular now than polished brass. Satin or brushed brass wall lights have a more contemporary feel yet still fit in more classical interiors well.

image of the pyramid wall lightAntique, Polished, Or Satin Brass Wall Lights?

Before we show you our top 5 brass wall lights, a word on the different types of brass because finishes can vary in overall tone and style. Choosing the correct type of brass wall light will depend on your interior style, what type of look you want to achieve, and personal preference.

The three main finishes on brass wall lights are:

Antique brass – antique brass wall lights are supposed to look a little more ‘lived in’. The metal appears warmer and darker than polished brass. The clue is in the name – antique brass is supposed to appear older and have a bit of patina. Antique brass light fittings look great in older properties as they offer a more vintage or traditional look.
Satin brass – satin brass describes a metal finish that is much more muted than others. Satin brass wall lights have a cooler, almost blurry and softer appearance and some finishes may have a visible brush layer over the brass. Satin brass is useful because it works in both traditional and contemporary settings.
Polished brass – polished brass is very shiny, bright, and much ‘louder’ than other brass finishes. There is still a place for polished brass light fixtures to work in interiors, but the style has fallen out of favour in recent years. You may notice we stock many more antique and satin finish lights than polished. Interior fashions evolve so the finish may become popular again, or you may not care for trends and just like the shiny appearance of polished brass!

Our Favourite Brass Wall Lights

sardina wall lightWhen shopping for brass wall lights, the finish you want will be important, but you should also pay attention to form. You can decide between classic or contemporary wall lights, depending on the nature of your interior. Classic wall lights are often more decorative with curves and ornamentation, designed to replicate antique styles. Contemporary lights are often much simpler and have clean lines or geometric shapes.
Anyway, without further ado, here are our top 5 brass wall lights!

Sardina Antique Brass Uplighter
We love the unusual shape of this uplighter – it's contemporary yet reminiscent of art deco styles with its strong geometric shape. The light antique brass finish and frosted glass make this wall light ideal for either a period property or a more contemporary interior.

Sphere Wall Light With Opal Glass
Another wall lamp which is both contemporary and reminiscent of 1920’s styles, is our Sphere wall light in antique brass. The opal glass shade means this light casts a warm glow and looks extra decorative.

alberto brass wall lightAlberto Wall Lamp With Linen Shades & Crystals
If you’re looking for something a little more opulent looking, our Alberto wall light should meet the brief! With classic antique brass, linen shades and stunning crystal droplets, this extremely decorative wall light would suit a dining room or lounge in a period home.

Hotel Style Wall Light
If you want to give your bedroom a luxury boutique hotel feel, you couldn’t go far wrong with our hotel-style wall lights. This type of light is best used on either side of a bed, above nightstands. If you like the look of luxury-style hotel rooms and want to recreate it at home, wall-mounted bedside lamps are essential!

Pyramid Wall Lamp
A best-seller and a firm favourite, our Pyramid wall lamp has a slightly industrial feel, without being too heavy or ‘on the nose’. Ideal for contemporary interiors. We also stock a matching pendant bar light!

Decorative Brass Wall Lights Searchlight Electric

We hope you enjoyed this little insight into our brass wall lamps and are feeling inspired!

Searchlight Electric stocks a wide range of decorative lighting in other styles and metal finishes. Please feel free to browse our website at your leisure or contact us if you have any questions.
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