Our Favourite Arched Floor Lamps

maandag 8 april 2024
Arched floor lamps first took the lighting world by storm in the 1960s and have remained popular ever since, thanks to their timeless quality and versatility which means they suit all styles of interior.

We’re taking a look at some of the benefits of arched floor lamps, sharing tips on how to choose an arched floor lamp, and highlighting a few of our favourite arched floor lamps.

The Advantages of Arched Floor Lamps

There are many advantages to adding an arched floor lamp to a space.

A Statement Piece

The size and shape of arched floor lamps means they’re perfectly suited to become a statement piece in any space, whether that’s a living room, dining room or hotel lobby. The curve of the lamp immediately draws the eye and inspires conversation.

Accents Décor or Furniture

Arc lamps can be statement pieces in themselves, but they can also be positioned to accent specific elements of a room, whether that’s décor such as wall art or a piece of furniture that you want to highlight.


Because arched floor lamps are available in such a wide choice of designs, sizes and materials, they’re an incredibly versatile form of lighting that suits a range of different interior styles and aesthetics. They’re also versatile in placement and can be used in a variety of different settings from residential to commercial.

Light Where You Need It

Arc floor lamps aren’t just aesthetically pleasing, they also offer functional light precisely where you need it. One of the inspirations for the original arched floor lamp was the idea of needing light in one area but without needing to have overhead wiring or a lamp base that would get in the way. With arc lamps, you get the glow of the lamp but the base and wiring can be discreetly tucked away.


Arched floor lamps have been around since the 60s and in the decades since, they’ve never truly gone out of fashion, meaning they’re very unlikely to ever fall out of style in the future, particularly since the design of the arc lamp continues to evolve.

Creates Zones

Arched floor lamps can be used to create distinct zones in open-plan areas. As an arc floor lamp illuminates a specific area it helps to create a zone of light in an otherwise larger space. For example, an arched floor lamp can be used to set apart a cosy seating area within a larger room, such as an open-plan living space or a busy restaurant.

How to Choose an Arc Floor Lamp

If you’re wondering how to choose the right arc floor lamp for your particular space, here are some things to consider.


One of the major considerations when choosing an arc floor lamp is the size of the lamp. Arched floor lamps require more horizontal space than other floor lamp styles, due to their extended shape, however, they are available in different heights and with more subtle or exaggerated arches, depending on how much room is available.

Lighting Requirements

Arched floor lamps can be used for ambient, task or accent lighting, so consider which you’ll be using it for to help guide your choice.


You’ll want to be sure that your arched floor lamp suits the overall design and decor of your room so look out for curved floor lamps that suit your aesthetics, whether that’s sleek minimalism, retro quirkiness or something fresh and contemporary.


Budget will be another important consideration when choosing an arched floor lamp. Fortunately, the range of sizes, designs and materials means there are arc lamps to suit all budgets.

Where to Put an Arched Floor Lamp

Curved floor lamps work well in lots of different spaces and settings. Here are just a few of the many places they work well.

  • Over a seating area, such as a sofa in a living room
  • Beside a dining table
  • Over a coffee table or side table
  • In an otherwise dark or forgotten corner
  • Next to a statement piece, such as artwork or an architectural feature you want to highlight
  • In a home office, above a desk or reading chair

Our Favourite Arched Floor Lamps

Subheadings here with a selection of approximately 5 lamps…

Giraffe Copper Arched Floor Lamp -This sophisticated arched floor lamp draws inspiration from modern Italian design. The eye-catching copper finish complements the sleek black marble base. It features a copper dome shade with a contrasting white inner and is perfect for adding a dramatic flourish to a space.

Giant Arc Floor Lamp in Chrome & Black - The perfect addition to any living space, this Arc's contemporary curved floor lamp is ideal for seating areas, where it can overhang a sofa or coffee table and provide an interesting focal point for your room.

The exaggerated overhanging arc of the lamp is anchored by a sturdy chrome base, allowing it to make a bold statement, while the sleek chrome finish and circular black shade mean it will blend effortlessly with any décor.

Giraffe 5 Light Floor Lamp - With a bold, contemporary design, the Giraffe 5 light arched floor lamp features 5 individual dome-shaped metal shades at the end of a dramatic curve. The lamp has a polished chrome finish and the solid white marble base gives the extravagant arc a solid foundation while elevating the aesthetic appeal.

Colton Satin Silver Curved Floor Lamp - For a truly modern look, why not make a statement with the stunning Colton curved floor lamp?

Ideal for minimalist interiors, this arched floor lamp features a subtle, unobtrusive light delicately fitted into the top of the curve. The satin silver finish and streamlined design make this an ultra chic option and LED bulbs make it an energy-efficient option too.

Arcs Chrome Floor Lamp with White Shade - The Arcs chrome floor lamp has a solid yet stylish black marble base and dramatic arc, from which hangs a dome-shaped white shade. This arched floor lamp is perfect for overhanging seating areas, such as a corner sofa, armchair or dining table.

Arched Floor Lamps From Searchlight Electric

We hope this guide to arched floor lamps has been helpful. If our pick of our favourite arched floor lamps has you feeling inspired, why not browse our full collection of floor lamps?

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