Our Favourite Decorative Lighting For Gardens This Summer

Donnerstag, 20. Juli 2023
Unfortunately, the weather hasn’t been kind to all of us so far and the enthusiasm to decorate our gardens has somewhat dwindled because of it. But a little rain doesn’t mean that you can’t decorate. In fact, it’s the perfect time to have a proper browse for outdoor lighting that’s perfect for your garden and get prepared!

Although it may not be the July we all asked for, it certainly doesn’t mean our gardens have to suffer on the decorative lighting front.

Outdoor and Garden Lighting For Summer

Those of you with conservatories or outdoor-indoor spaces are probably reaping the benefits of this weather the most. But have you upgraded your decorative lighting?! Have your space looking as good as you feel when you’re in it! Because, honestly, there’s really nothing better than the satisfaction of a job well done, especially once you’ve added those finishing touches.

And Searchlight has a rather incredible range of wholesale outdoor lighting products for you to choose from. With such a broad catalogue, there’s a guarantee that you’ll find something suited to you and your house style. Whether you prefer standing posts, floor or wall lamps, there’s an outdoor lighting product here that you’ll love.

Searchlight Electric is all about the customers and their requirements which is why our extensive collection ranges from traditional outdoor lighting styles to modern and contemporary ones.

The Alex Outdoor Lighting Range

If you’re looking for something more on the traditional side, we have the perfect Victorian street lighting inspired post for your garden. One that would look perfect with a home of an older build and appearance.

This Alex Outdoor Post stands at 105cm and is a gorgeous silky shade of black with clear glass. It provides the exterior of your home with an elegant, classy feel with its lighting effect.

And if you want to upgrade on just a singular light, there’s an Alex 3Lt Outdoor Post available. Slightly upping it’s counterpart when it comes to statement pieces, this outdoor post is a true garden centrepiece. With three intricate lights and clear glass, the elegant lighting effect from this product is no joke.

Looking for something smaller? Something off the floor? There’s even an Alex Outdoor Wall Downlight. Illuminates your outdoor spaces in the same stunning way as the outdoor floor posts do, looking just as traditional and just as classy. An outdoor wall light is even perfect for areas like the driveway or next to your doors.

Outdoor Posts

Our stunning Atlanta Outdoor Floor Lamp is a modern alternative when choosing something that lights up areas of your garden or patio. The design of this post is inspired by modern indoor lanterns and provides a lovely illuminative glow because of its open design.

The die cast aluminium frame stands at 27cm tall and has a sand black finish, perfect for standing out during the day yet blending in at night. Of course, a height of 27cm means this post is pretty adaptable for your patio or garden. On the steps of your patio or on the wall of the pathway leading to your door.

If an open design isn’t what you’re after, perhaps you might like styles similar to our Batton Outdoor Post which has a unique vandal-proof smoke shade. Not only does this add a touch of sophistication to the design but it also ensures a protected lighting experience.

This meticulously crafted stainless steel post has a sleek, matte black powder-coated finish and blends into the appearance of your outdoor space incredibly well. Plus, a smoke shade allows you to create a certain lighting level and ambience in your garden that an open design may not provide.

Want something striking in your outdoor space? Check out our 900mm post, The Box II Outdoor Post. Constructed with galvanised steel, this outdoor post is not only impressive with its timeless elegance but also in its appearance – a sleek silver finish frame. And the glass-sided box only enhances your outdoor aesthetic whilst illuminating your space.

Wall Lights

Clear Bevelled glass panels are around the sides of our gorgeous Box Outdoor Wall & Porch Light. This lamp features an attractive candle style light fitting that works perfectly as a wall fixture.

An antique brass finish is the perfect accessory to accompany bolder shades of blue such as navy and cobalt, as well as some lighter shades of cream and off-whites.

If antique brass isn’t your thing, that’s cool. We also have this box outdoor wall and porch light available with a sleek satin silver finish. Still a perfect accompaniment for bold shades of blue as well as other colours like greens and purples. Silver is also good for spaces that are more pastel in appearance.

To suit everyone’s needs, we even have industrial-style modern wall lights. The Bulkhead outdoor light is made from aluminium and is finished in black gold to create a stylish weathered look. At 26cm diameter, the Bulkhead can be used as a wall or ceiling light which makes it a versatile light for illuminating your outdoor space, garden, or patio.

This simple, stylish Eiffel LED Outdoor Wall Light features a fixed glass lens on the underside so it points down towards the floor. Ideal for lighting your outdoor area, but exceptionally brilliant at lighting your pathways, this LED wall light is a great addition to your home.

Searchlight Electric Products

Searchlight is always determined and committed to providing customers with decorative lighting products that are technologically advanced and high-quality.

All outdoor lighting manufactured by Searchlight Electric has ratings of IP44 and IP45 and they’re weatherproof to protect them against the elements. We’re fully confident that you’ll be happy with your product as well as our outstanding customer service.

You can view the catalogues available on our site, which includes the international catalogue for 2022-23.
Our team is here to answer any questions you have and to support you at all times. If you would like to contact Searchlight Electric, then just give us a call on 0161 203 3300.