Creative Ways To Use Decorative Wall Lights

Mittwoch, 11. Oktober 2023
Decorative wall lights are a popular choice for interior design as you can do so much with them. In this blog, we look at some of the ways you can use wall lights, including some creative ideas.

Choosing the Right Wall Lights

When you’re designing a room interior, lighting is one of the key elements that is considered at the start of the process – you assess how much natural light comes into the space, whether more lighting will be required during the day, and the different purposes certain lights fulfil.

When choosing what wall lights, ceiling lights, and lamps you need in a room, make sure you consider the size, style, and overall aesthetic of the space.

Wall lights are considered accent lighting, whilst the ambient or primary light will come from ceiling lights.
Decorative wall lights can enhance the aesthetics of any style of the room, adding warmth and adding to the overall look. From vintage/classic interiors to modern or industrial styles, wall lights can fit in with any of these schemes and add extra flair.

Creating Focal Points With Wall Lights

If you choose the right wall lights, you can make a real statement. Although wall lights are usually used as accent pieces, if you buy a large or unusual light, you could make it a focal point of the room.

Placing a large wall light on a prominent wall, such as the space above the fireplace, or the wall opposite the door you enter through can work in place of a mirror or piece of artwork.

We like our Iris crystal and brass wall light and our stunning Art deco smoked glass wall lights. Both styles really stand out.

For maximum impact, take a look at our art wall lights. They’re large enough to be a feature in their own right.

Ambience And Mood Using Wall Lights

Wall lights can be used to alter the mood in a room and add ambience. This can be achieved by using light bulbs of different intensities, coloured bulbs. Or dimmer switches and dimmable LED bulbs can be used. That way, the ambience of the room can be changed depending on the time of day, or how you feel.

Functional Downlighters

Wall lights also serve a functional purpose and can be used as task lights in some situations. For example, in the bedroom, wall lights can be used on either side of the bed at a lower level to provide reading light.
If you want to give a bedroom that luxurious boutique hotel feel, look no further than our hotel wall light in antique brass.

In the bathroom, wall lights make great vanity lights – either above a mirror, or on either side. This can also help create a more relaxing mood in a bathroom, rather than using a harsh overhead light alone.

Accent Lighting With Wall Lights

Possibly one of the most exciting opportunities to use wall lights is as accent lights. A great wall light can help bring attention to architectural features, and décor items, or highlight pieces of art.

Picture lights, such as this one from our Barcelona collection are a simple and stylish way to highlight family photographs or art pieces on a wall.

Did you know you can also buy paintable wall lights? Our classic plaster uplighter could be used to highlight an architectural feature and then painted the same colour as the wall to seamlessly blend in.

Outdoor Applications For Wall Lights

Let’s not forget wall lights can be used outdoors too (just look for IP23, IP44, IP54 and IP65 ones). Outdoor wall lights can be functional security lights but can also be used in a decorative way – downlights can highlight plants and make them a real feature in the garden at night.

Wholesale Wall Lights At Searchlight Electric

We hope this article has provided you with a little bit of inspiration and demonstrated some of the creative, and functional ways wall lights can be used.

Searchlight Electric stock a wide range of wholesale wall lights – we add hundreds of new products to our range each year. Our lights also come in a huge range of styles – from classic to industrial, and everything in between.
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