What Does Amber Glass Do For Light Bulbs?

Thursday, 15 February 2024
When it comes to creating the right aesthetics and ambience for a space, the colour of the glass you choose for your light bulbs can make all the difference.

We’re taking a look at the difference between amber and clear glass lighting and asking, “What does amber glass do for light bulbs?”

an image of a light pendant with an amber glass shadeWhat Is Amber Glass Lighting?

As their name suggests, amber glass bulbs are light bulbs that are covered with coloured amber glass rather than being clear (see-through) or frosted.

Amber glass lighting is an alternative to clear glass lighting that can be used to give a different overall lighting effect.

This can be achieved in one of three ways.

Amber LED lights

Amber LED lights are a type of yellow-orange light that operates on a different wavelength than regular LED lighting.

Amber LED lights are often used in areas where low-level lighting is required for humans without disruption to wildlife. Artificial lighting can disrupt the circadian rhythms of many creatures and it can be very disorienting. This can impact the behaviours of certain species, leading to a decline in the health and number of the population. It can also cause animals to venture into unsafe areas where they may be vulnerable to prey or human interference such as road traffic.

The use of lower-level amber lighting in and around natural habitats can protect animals, birds and insects from the harmful effects of artificial lighting, allowing humans and wildlife to coexist peacefully together.

an image of an amber light bulbAmber Glass Light Bulbs

An amber glass light bulb is a normal LED light bulb or filament LED bulb that instead of being covered with clear glass is encased in amber glass. This means that it emits a much softer, warmer glow.

The light inside remains unchanged so this type of amber glass light bulb won’t have the same protective effects for wildlife that an amber LED light would provide but it does still alter the overall lighting effect produced and offers aesthetic appeal.

Amber Glass Light Shades

Alternatively, amber glass light shades can be used with regular LED light bulbs to create the same soft, warm glow that would be achieved by an amber glass light bulb. There are many different types of amber glass lighting options, such as light shades for table lamps and floor lamps as well as amber glass light shades for ceiling lights.

What Are the Benefits of Amber Glass Light Bulbs?

Amber glass light bulbs and amber glass light shades can offer several benefits. One of the main benefits of amber glass lighting is the aesthetic effect it provides.

Amber glass light bulbs and shades can be used to alter the overall look and feel of a space, instantly transforming it by altering the ambience. This is because amber glass softens the glow from the lighting filament or bulb, meaning the light is slightly dimmed and the colour altered.

This softer, warmer glow can help to give a space a classic, timeless feel so is perfect if you’re trying to create a vintage or retro interior. However, when paired with different materials and lighting designs, amber glass can also look fresh and contemporary, making it a versatile choice for any interior.

Amber glass lights make great mood lighting for when you need to see clearly but without high levels of light that would detract from the ambience. This makes it ideal for spaces where you want to create a laid-back atmosphere that encourages relaxation, whether that’s at home or in a bar, hotel or restaurant.

an image of a ceiling light with amber glass shade and light bulbAmber Glass Lighting in Residential Spaces

Amber glass light bulbs and shades work well in residential spaces from living rooms and dining rooms to bedrooms and even outdoor spaces such as decking and patios.

The warm glow from an amber glass bulb or lamp creates a cosy atmosphere for socialising and can also help to create the ideal conditions for a good night’s sleep.

Amber Glass Lighting in Commercial Spaces

Commercial spaces can also benefit from the laid-back vibes and retro appeal that amber glass lighting offers.
Amber filament LED bulbs, for example, can be a feature for exposed pendant lighting or decorative amber lamp shades can be used to create a vintage feel.

Different styles of amber glass will give different effects and affect lighting levels. Thicker, darker amber glass will give a muted orange glow and lower lighting levels, whereas a delicate amber glass pendant will provide a rich, golden glow.

Amber Glass Lighting at Searchlight Electric

We hope this has explained the effects of amber glass on lighting. If you’re feeling inspired, here at Searchlight Electric, we supply a wide range of amber glass lighting options, including amber glass light bulbs and amber glass shades.

So if you’re considering amber lighting for your next project, check out our extensive collection or get in touch to discuss how we can help.