Why Choose Searchlight As Your Wholesale Lighting Supplier?

Thursday, 16 February 2023

Have you found a wholesale lighting supplier that works best for you? How about a supplier you can trust when it comes to stock and product availability? Because Searchlight Electric Limited has some pretty impressive advantages to offer you as your supplier of wholesale lighting.
But the only way you can make the best decision for yourself is by knowing everything you need to know about us as a company.

About Searchlight Electric Limited

Being founded in 1945 means that we have had 75 years of growing and gaining knowledge, experience, and expertise. Searchlight has remained a family-owned business throughout this time and has established itself as a recognised supplier of decorative lighting.

A supplier to some of the very best lighting stored and leading retails chains in the UK alone. Worldwide, we distribute to more than 50 countries. Our successful track record shows the growth of our company, with profits reinvested into the business.

Reasons to Choose Searchlight Electric as Your Supplier

Our Product Innovation

Every single year, the in-house team of designers at Searchlight bring more than 400 new and innovative decorative lighting products to the market. And at the heart of Searchlight’s product expertise is market and trend research, product development, and creative in-house designs.
Innovative and contemporary lighting designs are supplemented with traditional and modern classics to meet all styles and trends, customer requirements, and quality standards. The award-winning team of designers at Searchlight ensure that these innovative lighting designs are always up to the latest trends and influences through using CAD/CAM computer technology.

Our Unbeatable Service

With such a large range of wholesale lighting to choose from, we have to ensure that the buying process is as easy as ever. Simple, too. In fact, just by registering with us today you can view all our stock, with live levels of availability, and see their prices. It also gives you the opportunity to get exclusive access to deals, delivery priority, and even the chance to reserve products.

Registering with us is easy, too. You just have to fill out this form with your company name, contact details, and a message.

Really, though, when it comes to customer service, we’re pretty much unbeatable. Consistently we are achieving over 95% availability levels. That’s the best within this industry.

Operating from our purpose-built distribution centres, we can guarantee a safe and secure delivery of your lighting products to wherever you need them to go. These distribution centres also allow us to stay very well-maintained when it comes to our product stock levels.

We’re talking more than 3000 decorative and commercial lighting products available ex-stock. For immediate delivery, too.
  • Showrooms in Manchester in Benelux to showcase products.
  • Dedicated in house sales and customer service teams on hand to answer any queries quickly.

Quality Matters

Any product being distributed by Searchlight is ISO9000 approved. Not only that but each product is assessed in-house to make sure it is BSEN 60598 compliance. Because every sole product is engineered to meet the standards set not just by UK regulations but also European ones. Safety and the upholding of product regulations is important to our company.

Our company strives to keep its business needs in mind, like any business would. One major difference is that we only adopt the best practices to do so.

Searchlight Electric Limited (SEL) will only purchase FSC products from FSC Certified suppliers (FSC Certificate holders/FSC promotional licence holders). When claiming FSC, all products and packaging suppled to SEL are required to be labelled in accordance with the trademark guidelines, provided by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

We even have some company goals that we’re aiming towards:
  • By the end of 2023, all new products will be packaged in recyclable brown boxes.
  • We will reduce the company’s carbon footprint.
  • SEL to reduce the production of all sorts of waste, but most particularly paper. Encouraging the use of recycling and the responsible disposal of any waste that cannot be avoided.
  • Ensuring that all packaging contains a minimum of 30% recycled material unless otherwise agreed with the QA dept.

Our Experience

In Manchester, UK, we have a purpose-built HQ, a state-of-the-art distribution centre, and a large product showroom. And that’s not our only distribution centre or showroom. We have one in Europe.

So we are uniquely placed to meet the diverse needs of not just the lighting market but our global trading partners. Our location, plus our presence in the East with our joint venture manufacturing operations in China, puts our specialist advice, expertise, and resources literally on the doorstep of many places.

Switch Suppliers to Searchlight Electric Limited

Have we managed to convince you yet? Or at least show you what we have to offer you.

Searchlight are committed to providing quality, technologically advanced decorative lighting products and unsurpassed customer service.

We have a number of catalogues you can download, including our 2022-23 international catalogue.

If you missed us at Spring Fair, there’s still time to meet us at Lichtwoche Sauerland. Register and join for the chance the exchange news, innovations, and future trends with other manufacturers, traders, buyers, and resellers.

Alternatively, you can just pop down to our showroom or give us a ring on 0161 203 3300.