The Best Decorative Lighting For Desks

28 April 2023
Whether we work from the comfort of our own home or in a designated workplace, chances are we’re still working at a desk. And on those longer nights, there’s sometimes nothing better than lighting up your space with a lovely desk lamp. The right lighting can help you focus on those long working nights or provide the right environment for reading to wind down at the end of the day.
One of the easiest tricks for your home office space is to add desk light. Not only will it decorate the space but it’s functional for those later nights when a ceiling light is perhaps a little too bright. But how do you know what the best decorative lighting is for you and your desk space?

The Best Kind of Desk Lamps

When it comes to decorating your space with lighting, there’s no right or wrong. Especially with desk lamps. For many people, as long as it’s functional and adds fits with the style of the room, not much else matters. Others may put more thought into it than that, though.
A Flex Clip Task Lamp, for instance, is a great adjustable lighting option. So if you’re someone who likes to change positions and move around when you work, these lamps can be adjusted so the direction of the light is where you  need it. Plus, you can unclip it from one side and move it to the other if you need to. And because of the flex clip feature, you can clip it to something that offers you the best light coverage, like a shelf above your desk. Not bad, right?
There are both traditional and modern lighting choices available these days, too, so there’s sure to be something that is suitable to everyone. Searchlight’s retro Hobby table lamp is one of those traditional choices we mentioned. Styled on the iconic design that often is related to Pixar, this lamp is available in both white metal and black metal. The hinged base paired with a central column and cylindrical shade are all fully adjustable which enables you to direct the light exactly where you need it.
It really is a desirable addition to your home office or study room.
Now, if a more modern approach is what you’re going for, you won’t be disappointed.
The Tribeca LED table lamp is a sleek and stylish design, compact to ensure it takes up very little desk space, and can throw out several lighting options. Changes in colour temperature? Got it. From a warm white to a bright light, this lamp allows you to control the mood you want to create. The satin silver metal case results in the lamp itself being a standout piece that works extremely well in a modern interior. But if you want a contrasting colour for a bright interior, it’s also available in black.
One of the best things about this lamp, aside from its finish and features, is that it’s LED. Which means it lasts at least 20 times longer than an incandescent bulb lamp and uses much less energy – 75% less to be specific.
Looking for something a little different? How about the Catalina table lamp? Just as stylish, just as sleek in design, but consisting instead of two parts – the body and the smoked glass shade. This is definitely one for adding a bit more drama with the brightness of the light contrasting against a dark shade.

Wall Lights Are Still Options For Desk Lighting

Solo focus spotlight wall lights are just as capable as table lamps at illuminating desks and working areas, even at reaching the dark corners. And turning it on and off is so easy! Gone is the need for wall switches, this wall spotlight has a button the bottom. It’s that simple.
Worried about the adjustability? Don’t be. The spotlight itself is connected to an alterable frame so if you need to angle the light differently, you can.
Not a wall spotlight kind of person? How about something a little more… classic?
Apothecary Swing Arm wall lights may be more to your taste, then. Perfect for reading in a reading nook, in bed, or at a desk in your office.
Finished in antique brass and adjustable in multiple places, this practical and stylish design works well in any contemporary interior. Additionally, with it being flexible in two places means that you can properly adjust the position of the lamp itself and the direction of the light. It’s a very suitable choice for those who have limited desk space.

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