Interior Design Focus: Decorative Floor Lamps

mardi 26 septembre 2023
If you’re an interior designer, lighting retailer, or stockist of interior products, it pays to keep on top of lighting and interior trends.

Decorative floor lamps, whilst they don’t ever truly go out of fashion, interior trends and the design of floor lamps also evolve to keep up with fashion.

As a retailer of wholesale floor lamps, we have an interest in evolving trends – in this post, we are putting the spotlight on floor lamps and some of the stunning designs we currently stock!

Using Decorative Floor Lamps In Interiors

Floor lamps are incredibly useful in interior design, in large rooms they can be used to designate different areas, a reading corner, for example, or separate different zones.

Floor lamps are quite unique because they can be used in multiple roles when it comes to lighting a room. Usually, when an interior designer or homeowner is planning the lighting in their space, it can be split into three categories:

  • Ambient light – overall light or background lighting
  • Task lights – for focusing on tasks like reading
  • Accent lights – highlight design features such as art, objects or architectural features

The great thing about floor lamps is they can do all three tasks! Depending on the type of floor lamp you buy and which way the light is directed.

Floor lamps are usually one of the bigger ‘fixtures’ in an interior scheme, but like table lamps, they’re still pretty portable so can be moved around if needed. And can be completely switched out when needed to update the overall look of a room.

Depending on the type of lamp you buy they can also be updated with different shades or by switching out the bulbs.
When it comes to choosing floor lamps you can also choose to make a statement, or you can choose a discrete lamp…that just provides light!

With so many lovely designs to choose from though, making a feature of a floor lamp is an inexpensive way to add a bit of style to your interior.

Floor Lamp Trends & Styles

Smoked Glass 
Dark smoky glass has been hugely popular throughout 2023 and we don’t expect to see this trend coming to an end anytime soon. One of the most unusual lamps we have available is the Amsterdam floor lamp with matte black legs and a gorgeous dark smoked glass globe shade. You can see it on the right-hand side of the image below.

Arc Floor Lamps 
Arc floor lamps will forever be in style in our opinion. A design classic and icon, the Arco floor lamp was introduced in 1962 and hasn’t gone away since.  Ideal for mid-century enthusiasts, arced floor lamps also fit well with any contemporary scheme. We sell a variety of arced floor lamps from the Giant Arc Floor Lamp to the smaller Arcs Floor Lamp which gives the look but is better for smaller rooms!

Industrial Chic 
Love it or loathe it, industrial chic isn’t going anywhere. Some people may be tired of all things exposed brick, reclaimed timber and matte black but many people really love this style! One element of this style that is most definitely here to stay is exposed retro-style bulbs – there is such a wide range of fabulous bulbs available now that it’s hard to go back to ignoring light bulbs as a design feature.

We love the Amstrong Six Light Floor Lamp – it’s one of the coolest-looking floor lamps around and makes a real statement.

Art Deco 
2023 has seen a resurgence of art deco styles which includes geometric shapes and lots of Gatsby style shiny gold and black. If you don’t fancy full-on Gatsby, we think our Sphere Floor Lamp in Antique Brass gives a subtle nod to the style, without being too obvious.

All Things Natural 
Right now, we are seeing a rise in neutral warm interiors with lots of wood and other natural materials. Seagrass shades are hugely popular and wooden lamp bases. Our Natural Wood Square Lamp is ideal for this trend, as is our Natural Wood Shelf Floor Lamp. The latter is multi-purpose too as it doubles up as a shelf.

Wholesale Floor Lamps From Searchlight Electric

If you’re on the lookout for wholesale floor lamps at fantastic prices, Searchlight Electric have a wide range for you to choose from.

We are a leading supplier of decorative lighting with thousands of products to choose from and hundreds more added each year!

We have a wide range of floor lamps available to order right now, ranging from showstopping focal lamps to sleek design classics. Shop here or download a catalogue.
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