Selling Decorative Lighting In The Run Up To Christmas

mardi 5 décembre 2023
decorative lighting christmas
In today's post, we’re going to look at the sales opportunities Christmas presents for lighting retailers and what you can do to boost your decorative lighting sales strategy.

Christmas is a time full of lights and decorative lighting shouldn’t be underestimated as a good gift option. Read on for more thoughts on selling decorative lighting in the run-up to Christmas.

The Demand For Lighting In Winter And At Christmas

Decorative lighting sells year-round. It’s a product that everyone needs and so is always in high demand. Thanks to changing trends and fashions, it’s not a one-off purchase either. However, sales do dip and peak at certain times of the year.

Online searches for lighting change throughout the year, rising in autumn and peaking over Christmas and January. It’s no coincidence that these are the times of year with the lowest hours of daylight in the UK!

Demand changes for different types of products too – with online searches for table lamps and floor lamps rising as soon as the clocks go back.

And, like any seasonal trends, lighting retailers can jump on these peak buying times to maximise sales and increase revenue.

Darker nights, combined with the buying power of Christmas shoppers make the run-up to the big day a peak time for retailers to try new tactics to attract new customers.

Wholesale Lighting Christmas Sales Strategies

As mentioned, Christmas is a great time to present lighting as a good gift option. If you are rolling your eyes thinking about who buys lights for Christmas presents…you may be surprised to find out that many people do!

Table lamps are a particularly popular gift option because they’re a convenient present size and don’t require any fitting – straight out of the box and plug-in. We suggest promoting quirky or unusual table lamps as a good gift option.

You can promote gift options in several different ways – either through social media or in-store. For example, why not create a Christmas gift guide featuring your best lamps, and use social media to promote each type of lamp. You could even do a 12 days of Christmas posting schedule but with lamps!

In-store, make sure you maximise how decorative lamps are displayed and promoted as gift options with signage.
Speaking of maximising the potential of instore sales, Christmas is a great opportunity to draw more people in with an eye-catching display.

You can use the lights you stock to create a vibrant and festive window display, attracting shoppers to your store. You could even set up a display with a festive theme – Santa’s workshop or a cosy lounge with fireplace.

Other messaging you can use at Christmas to encourage sales is to promote lighting as a lifestyle product. In the run up to Christmas, many people want to make their homes as cosy and welcoming as possible, in preparation for visitors, parties, or even just for themselves. Use this to your advantage and present lighting options to customers that help them achieve the festive, cosy, or peaceful vibe they are trying to achieve for Christmas!

Finally, don’t miss the opportunity of a good sale either. Although after Christmas sales are a great idea too, pre Christmas sales can help boost revenue as people are getting prepared for Christmas. Host a pre-Christmas sale to move this year’s stock in preparation for new products in the new year.

Stocking Up On Wholesale Lighting

image of the searchlight 2024 wholesale lighting catalougeRemember, if you want people to buy more, you need to stock a good range of products in advance of Christmas. Take advantage of the increased need for lamps and buy in lamps wholesale.
Whilst you’re here, you may want to browse our range of wholesale lighting products. We stock a wide range of products ranging from fun table lamps to beautiful ceiling pendants.

You can download our 2023/24 catalogue here or browse the site for inspiration.

You’re also welcome to visit our Manchester lighting showroom for real-life inspiration and shopping.
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