Unfortunately not. Searchlight Electric are suppliers to the wholesale trade only.
Searchlight do have a lighting factory shop, specialising in end of line products, samples and clearance lines. This is situated next to the product showroom at our Manchester headquarters and open to the public with big savings off retail prices. The factory shop is open Monday to Friday 10.00am-4.00pm.

Searchlight Electric are suppliers to the trade only. Retail selling prices are visible on the website as a guide for consumers. However, buying prices are only visible to existing customers when they are logged in to their account.  If you would like to become a trade customer, please contact us.

When buying a ceiling light it is important to consider the height of your ceilings. Many modern houses have low ceilings and require fittings that are flush or semi-flush. Fittings that require a chain can be adjusted by taking out as many links of chain as necessary, and so can be used in rooms with lower ceiling heights. Always measure the maximum height of fitting you can accommodate before purchasing your light.

Most light fittings should only require periodic cleaning with a feather duster or a soft, damp cloth. Particular care should be taken to avoid abrasive materials and strong cleaning agents as they will quickly destroy the protective coatings and subject the finish to rapid oxidation and discolouration.
If you are lucky enough to have a large crystal chandelier it may be worth buying some special crystal or chandelier cleaner. With a thorough clean once a year with our Crystal Cleaner spray, together with a light dusting every month, you will maintain the true beauty of the crystal for years to come.

The brightness of light bulbs is measured in Lumens, which is a measure of a light's luminous power. Low energy bulbs can be just as bright as standard incandescent bulbs with a fraction of the power/wattage. The lumens value is listed in the product specifications table where applicable.

Yes, the majority of Searchlight products are suitable for LED, low energy or standard incandescent lamps. Searchlight long life LED lamps can be retro-fit into most lights, so it is at the discretion of the end user which lamp type they have in the light fitting.

Lamps are included with some Searchlight products. Where a light fitting is listed as LED, this contains integrated LED lamps. Halogen lamps are supplied with most spotlights and some flush fittings. Details of whether lamps are included with light fittings can be seen in the product specifications table for each particular product.

This depends on the type of transformer in the light fitting and the type of light bulb used. It has to specifically be a dimmable transformer to connect to a dimmer and all Searchlight G4 light fittings are dimmable.
You cannot use LEDs with traditional dimmer switches, but you can upgrade to a LED dimmer switch to cope with low electrical loads that is compatible. We would always recommend consulting a qualified electrician if you are in any doubt as to the suitability of a light fitting and the use of a dimmer switch.
Some Searchlight light fittings are supplied with a dimmer switch and these items are identified with a dimmer icon on the individual product pages.

A PIR motion sensor detects changes in the amount of infrared radiation impacting upon it, which can vary depending on the temperature and surface characteristics of the objects in front of the sensor. The PIR sensor range on Searchlight outdoor lights varies depending on the product and this cannot be overridden. Where applicable, the PIR range for a particular product will be listed in the product specifications table.

Searchlight have a great choice of double insulated lights. These are highlighted with a class 2 icon on the product page. Quite a lot of older properties built before or during the 1960's may not have an adequate earth cable so you will need to select what are called double insulated lights, which have two layers of insulation built in to protect the live parts. It is possible to have your house re-wired by your electrician but this can be expensive, so the other solution is to select double insulated light fittings. 

The diameter of the ceiling plate can be seen in the product specifications table for each individual product.

Searchlight light fittings are supplied with an instruction leaflet. The instruction leaflet can also be viewed or downloaded on the individual product pages. However Searchlight do not offer installation advice and we recommend employing a qualified electrician to undertake any electrical lighting installation.

Searchlight Electric are suppliers to the trade only. If you have purchased a Searchlight product and require spare component parts, please contact the original retailer for advice as Searchlight do supply selected replacement parts for our light fittings to existing retailers.

Searchlight offer a warranty for all product to be free from defects in material and workmanship, subject to certain conditions and exclusions, and for a limited time periods from the date the product was shipped to the customer. Searchlight Electric are suppliers to the trade only, so if you have purchased a faulty Searchlight product, please contact the original retailer for advice in the first instance.
Please see below for the guarantee conditions:
Integrated Led – 5-year guarantee (20,000 Hours)
Outdoor Lighting – 3-year guarantee ( Finish Guarantee - not where heavy air pollution or within 10 miles of any coastline)
All Indoor Lighting – 1 year guarantee (Electrical parts, must be installed by a qualified person)