Alex: The Ultimate Decorative Outdoor Lighting

woensdag 15 november 2023
image of the alex range of decorative outdoor lighting
Are you looking for a range of outdoor lighting that has the extra wow factor and a classical design? Our Alex range of decorative outdoor lighting could be perfect for you…

Alex…Victorian-Inspired Outdoor Lighting

image shows alex victorian outdoor lightIf you are interested in quality outdoor lighting that has a romantic classical twist, our Alex outdoor lights may interest you as the range is inspired by classic Victorian gas-lit lamps, conjuring up days of old but functioning in a thoroughly modern way.

Now that the nights are getting darker, many people are searching for outdoor lighting or reminded of how dark their doorway or driveway is! Outdoor lighting is crucial in the dark UK winter months to stop you having to fumble around in your bag trying to find your keys or tripping on that uneven stone you’ve been meaning to fix…

The problem is a lot of modern outdoor lights just don’t suit some properties. We love modern outdoor lights, and we stock a full range of trendy lights that suit newer properties.

But what if you have a slightly older house and are looking for something a little more classical? Our Alex range of lights is ideal as they are based on a traditional design that has been around for a long time but reached peak popularity in the Victorian and Edwardian eras.

Our Alex lights are ideal for a range of older properties from farmhouse-style homes to Victorian terraces.
We have actually seen them used effectively on modern homes too though! Sometimes mixing the old with the new can look great.

image of the alex victorian style outdoor wall lightOur Alex Range Of Classic Style Outdoor Lamps

The brilliant thing about the Alex range is that we stock a variety of light styles which enables you to use the range in several key outdoor areas.

First, we’ll start with the showstoppers – the lamp posts. Available as a single lamp 183cm outdoor post or a 105cm bollard-style post, these are ideal for the front of your home, maybe close to your front door or at the top of a driveway.

The jewel in the Alex collection is the 3 light lamp post. At a whopping 227cm, it’s the largest light in the collection and is sure to add the wow factor to the exterior of your home. It can also be used as a garden feature; we’ve seen them used as centrepieces in flower beds or lawns.

Alex Outdoor Wall & Fence Lamps

Next, we have the wall lights. First up is the Alex half outdoor wall light, this flat-backed lamp is ideal for the front of the house or to light up an exterior wall or fence.

Our other Alex wall lights have arm brackets to make them stand proudly from either side of your door or other exterior wall. We sell two versions – one with an upward facing lamp and one with a downward facing lamp. Which will you choose? We think either style is perfect for lighting up the entrance to your house and adding a touch of class.

To complete the range, we also stock a wall or fence topper Alex lamp. You are free to be creative with this one as it can be used in a variety of ways as it is mounted through the base. It can be used on fence posts that are wide enough or fixed atop a wall. If you have a pillared drive entrance, this lamp would look great sat on each column as a warm welcome to your property.

image of the alex classic style outdoor lightFinally, we’ll add some specifics about the construction and longevity of the Alex range. Unlike some Victorian-style outdoor lamps you may see on the market constructed from plastic, our range is all fully metal for a more authentic feel.
Treated with a black coating to give the metal parts longevity, our Alex range also features real glass and not hard plastic. These are quality outdoor lights that are designed to stand up against the elements and look authentic.

The entire range is also IP44 rated meaning the inside is protected from heavy rain and splashes of water. The range also had a standard E27 fitting meaning you can change the bulbs when required or try different styles out.

What do you think? Would you choose this range for your home? You can order any of the Alex range right here through our website, or contact us if you would like to buy any of our products wholesale. If you need any help please feel free to call us on 0161 203 3300.

Searchlight Electric are one of the UK’s premier providers of wholesale decorative lighting, which includes a wide range of outdoor lights. With hundreds of outdoor light styles always in stock, we add hundreds more each year. Please feel free to browse our website to view all our lighting choices.
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