Trade Lighting For Restaurants: Creating The Right Ambience

Donnerstag, 3. August 2023
Lighting is a crucial décor element when designing or redecorating a restaurant, café or eatery. With the right lighting, you can alter the ambience of the restaurant and enhance the customer experience. Similarly, get it wrong and you may prevent customers from returning!

When choosing trade lighting for restaurants, the key is to balance practically with aesthetics. Restaurant lighting should be bright enough so that customers can see the delicious food they are eating, whilst being soft enough to create a relaxing ambience.

In this Searchlight Electric blog, we are going to share our top tips for choosing trade lighting for restaurants. We will also discuss the best lighting options, including ceiling lighting and wall lighting.

Choosing Trade Lighting For Restaurants

There are several key factors to consider when choosing trade lighting for your restaurant, these include:
  • Type of restaurant
  • Target customers
  • Time of day
  • Size of venue
  • Interior décor and colour scheme.

Is your establishment a lunchtime restaurant or an evening restaurant? Do you want to appeal to couples looking for a luxury date night and families celebrating a milestone? Or are your customers looking to dine and dash during their lunch break?

Perhaps you want to appeal to groups looking for a place to begin their night? Or maybe your restaurant appeals to the masses.

Breakfast and lunchtime restaurants tend to be brighter to create a light and airy atmosphere. Whereas evening restaurants are usually darker with softer lighting to create a relaxing atmosphere that encourages customers to unwind as they enjoy multiple courses.

The target customer and overall theme of the restaurant will play a significant part in the restaurant's décor and therefore the type of trade lighting you use. Similarly, the size of the venue will also play into your decision. A small restaurant may prefer dim lighting to lean into the small size and create a cosy atmosphere.

Whereas a larger restaurant may want to use lighting to accentuate different areas of the restaurant. For example, if your restaurant has a seating area where people can enjoy a drink whilst waiting for their table, this may be darker and more atmospheric than the main area of the restaurant.

The interior décor and colour scheme you opt for will have a huge impact on the type of trade lighting you opt for. The lighting you choose should be in keeping with the interior décor whilst complementing the colour scheme.

Ceiling Lighting For Restaurants

Ceiling lighting is the most popular type of lighting used in restaurants and eateries. Hanging pendant lights, spotlights and track lights are commonly used to create ambience in restaurants.

Hanging Pendants

Pendants hang low from the ceiling. There come in a wide range of styles, colours and materials. Hanging pendants are often positioned directly over the dining tables to ensure that each customer can enjoy the ambience regardless of where they are sat in the restaurant.

Hanging pendants are an incredibly flexible style of lighting making them an excellent choice for most types of restaurants, from rustic and cosy restaurants to luxurious gourmet restaurants.

Wholesale pendant lights are available in a vast selection of styles, including traditional and intricate chandeliers, industrial-inspired metal pendant lights and modern chain suspension lights.

Spotlights And Track Lights

Track lights are becoming increasingly popular in restaurants, cafes, bars and eateries. They come in a wide range of sizes and feature several lights attached to a straight or circular track fixture.

The individual lights fixed to the track can usually be adjusted, meaning track lighting is extremely flexible and can be used to increase lighting in different areas of the restaurant.

Wholesale track lighting is available in a range of styles, colours and materials, including antique brass, brass, chrome, copper, silver, nickel and black metal.

Wall Lighting For Restaurants

Wall lighting is also a versatile trade lighting option for restaurants. Wall lighting, also known as accent lighting, provides a fantastic way to create ambience whilst complementing the interior décor theme.

They can also be used alongside wall art to create a clever feature and are also commonly used in restaurant restrooms.

Like ceiling lights, wall lights are available in a vast range of designs, colours and materials, including gypsum, chrome, brass, linen, crystal, metal and glass.

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