How The Right Wholesale Lighting Supplier Can Help You Streamline Your Retail Business

donderdag 27 april 2023
Good lighting has the ability to transform spaces – apartments, shop floors, store fronts, display windows. It can distinguish the merchandising of a brand, their marketing, and how they appear to the everyday consumer. Retailers in particular often look for lighting that helps them achieve a mood that suits their product and branding. For instance, a winery isn’t exactly going to go for the same mood or look as a supermarket. Choosing the right lighting can make your products more appealing, it can complement them in the best way.

Choosing the right wholesale lighting supplier can help you streamline your business. How? By choosing a wholesale lighting supplier you know you can trust and who can prove their industry experience to you. As a businessowner, you accept that certain areas are of your expertise, such as the industry your business is in, and there are areas that aren’t.
Lighting could be one of them. So by building and developing a supplier-customer relationship, you can count on your supplier to know exactly what you’re looking for.

They can provide the lighting style, design, and mood you’re trying to create within your stores. And some of those choices may even be what guides customers and draws the right kind of attention to your product.

Searchlight Could Be Your Wholesale Lighting Supplier

Searchlight Electric Limited can offer over 75 years’ worth of growing knowledge and experience within the wholesale lighting industry. We have the necessary expertise to provide clientele and consumers with advice and guidance on lighting products, establishing ourselves as a recognised, distinguished supplier of decorative lighting.

Worldwide, we distribute products to over 50 countries and in the UK alone, we are a supplier to some of the top lighting stores and leading retail chains throughout the country. The profits we make are reinvested into our business and the growth of our company is evidence of our success.

Project Collection

Do you know about Project Collection?

Project Collection, created back in 2017, is part of the Searchlight group of companies. It is the only dedicated toolkit for residential lighting in the UK and since the launch, it has only grown. Now, the expanded range includes commercial applications like hotels, offices, student accommodation, leisure, education, and many others.

Great lighting should be functional but it should also be aesthetically appealing, enhancing the environment. Products by Project Collection are designed for architectural applications: variety in application combined with a clean, minimal design.

Lighting Product Application Supplied By Us

This is the current wine section of some stores belonging to German supermarket chain "REWE".
These red vibrants in their wine section were supplied by Searchlight Electric and they are in size and structure that is comparable to that of Marks & Spencer in the UK.

Project Collection were also invited to design the lighting scheme for the entire retail space of Loom Loft upon opening their latest Lancashire furniture emporium. The client was uncertain about how each area of the 10,000 square foot new build project could be used in the future.

So we suspended track throughout to guarantee flexibility for the future – the client chose Pegasus GU10 track head. The reason for their selection was caused by many reasons: easy maintenance, costs of setting up, the ability to change colour temperature and control brightness.

We have thousands of lighting products available for a range of applications and we can guarantee that there is something for everyone – design, style, colour, material. And, if you need, our merchandising team will travel to build a display unit for eligible customers.

Switch Suppliers to Searchlight Electric Limited

Hopefully, we’ve shown you what Searchlight, and therefore Project Collection, has to offer for your retail business.

We are a wholesale lighting supplier that is fully committed to providing quality, technologically advanced decorative lighting products every time. Plus, we really do have quite the unbeatable customer service.

Check out our catalogues including the 2022-23 international catalogue. You can see product photos and product descriptions and these are available to download.

Otherwise, why not visit us at our showroom? Or you can just ring us on 0161 203 3300.