How To Pick The Perfect Table Lamp

dinsdag 24 oktober 2023
As the nights start to get darker, people are looking for comfort and cosiness in their homes and an easy way to achieve that is with decorative lighting. Particularly table lamps as they're easy to purchase online, and don’t require any fitting – simply plug in and you have an instant cosy light.

In this guide, we go through some dos and don'ts to pick the perfect table lamp.

Table Lamp Peak Sales

A quick look at Google Trends data shows that online searches for ‘table lamps’ rise in October and peak in Decemberan image of a black smoked glass orb lamp and January. It’s no coincidence that these are the darkest months of the year and the coldest! People are seeking comfort and a cosy feel at home, plus the practical elements table lamps can provide – as reading lights, for example.

If you’re a lighting retailer, now is the ideal time to stock up on table lamps, and if you're a homeowner, now is when you can find some great lamps online.

For retailers, we stock a great range of wholesale table lamps, so be sure to check out the rest of our website.
Now, on with the blog, we’re going to give you some advice on picking the perfect table lamp…

How To Choose A Table Lamp

Firstly, when choosing a table lamp, you should consider its purpose. Is it there purely for decoration and to provide a bit of accent light? Or do you need a task light for reading, or perhaps sewing? Maybe you want a lamp that is both practical and decorative.

Once you’ve settled on the purpose of the lamp, you should measure the space it’s going to sit in. This is one of the biggest mistakes people make when buying table lamps. They sort of assume they are all a similar size and buy a lamp online without really considering the dimensions.

an image of the flask table lampHowever, if you have an enormous space, a small desk lamp is going to look out of proportion on a side table. Instead, opt for a much bigger, chunkier lamp, that perhaps has a big shade. We sell table lamps of all shapes and sizes, from skinny ones like our Flask table lamp, ideal for narrow spaces, to big bold beauties like our Network table lamp.

You should also consider the practical issue of plug sockets when ordering a table lamp. Will the cord reach a plug socket from its intended location? If not, you will need to rethink your design or use a power supply extension.

If you are looking for a new table lamp to fit in with an existing interior design, it will also be important to choose a lamp that fits that style. We sell a range of lamps in different styles to suit everyone’s tastes. From design classics to modern minimalist lamps.

Types Of Table Lamp

Hmm, isn’t a table lamp just a table lamp? Well, yes – but they also go by many different names and can suit different rooms. Table lamps do normally sit on a side table, hence the name, but they’re also used on bedside cabinets, console tables, desks, sideboards – they can sit on just about any surface.

Some styles are more suitable for each purpose and room though. Below, we have split out some types of table lamps, and show a few of our favourites.

Bedside Lamps
Most bedrooms have a bedside table or drawers, one on either side if the room is large enough. Placing a lamp on either side of the bed looks great and has a practical purpose too. From reading late at night to ‘setting a mood’, bedside lamps are essential. Bedside lamps are usually quite small, so they fit neatly on a small table or stand. Our favourites are the Woody table lamp and our Amsterdam smoked glass table lamp.

an image of the black and gold breeze table lampBuffet Lamps
Buffet lamps might be a bit of an old-fashioned sounding term nowadays, but they are definitely still a category. Buffet lamps are usually tall and slim – the idea is that they sit on slim console tables, usually in a dining room or hallway. Our Club table lamp is ideal for this purpose as although it is wide sideways, the depth is quite slim.

Desk Lamps
Desk lamps traditionally come in two practical styles – one with an adjustable neck so you can focus the light where you want it to go, and another option is a desk clamp lamp. Both are great choices and enable you to see clearly whilst at your computer or working on a project. We’re big fans of our Touch adjustable desk lamp in antique brass.

Living Room Lamps
For your lounge or living room, lamps can go in various areas. Depends on how big your room is and how many surfaces you have available to put a lamp on! A really elegant-looking style is to have an end table at either side of a sofa, with a pair of matching lamps on them. For this look, we love our Breeze lamp.

Searchlight Electric

We hope this post has inspired you to pick the perfect table lamp. Please feel free to browse our website as we have table lamps of all shapes, sizes, materials, and colours. You’re bound to find one you love!