How To Style Decorative Lamps In A Retail Environment To Maximise Sales

donderdag 1 juni 2023

Lighting is essential for the inside of any building, including retail stores. Good lighting can be the difference between a positive in-store experience and a bad one. Though subtle, it can also be one of the things that drives customers into your store, therefore driving sales. Lighting helps shoppers see items as they are and also determines how quickly they move through your store.

Stores are often seen as more welcoming, more inviting when they’re brighter because it’s easier for customers to navigate the aisles and look at products. But the level of brightness to maintain is also important. In certain environments, bright lighting can appear different – soft or harsh. Soft, bright lighting can be completely different to bright but harsh lighting. One is easier on the eyes and more comforting whereas the other is intense and can just leave us with a headache. That’s why the lighting in a store is important. It can have an effect on its atmosphere and ambience.

One of the best things about lighting, particularly decorative lamps, is that you can use them to add character. The same way our messaging style or fashion sense makes us unique, lighting can help retail owners to express the style of their brand.

Styling Decorative Lamps In A Retail Environment

Remember to keep specifics in mind when you’re making lighting decisions for your retail space. Things such as the type of retail lighting you want to use, the brightness and colour temperature of your lighting, and energy-efficient options.

Types of Retail Lighting

There are many types of lighting that would be ideal for use in a retail environment.

Accent lighting is one of them. Accent lighting is used to highlight or draw attention to certain areas of the store or new stock. This kind of lighting can really help to put an emphasis on these points. For this reason, it’s especially perfect for jewellery stores and fashion boutiques.

Searchlight has many accent lighting options, like this 4Lt Spotlight Split Bar and the Comet Spotlight which are perfect for the luxury aesthetic. They’re modern, stylish, adding a contemporary, striking feel with their respective satin silver and matt black, polished chrome finishes.

Decorative lighting is another option for retail lighting. Adds the right amount of charm to your store, bringing something unique and fun. Nothing quite says decorative like a Gold & Crystal Waterfall 5Lt Pendant. A stunning blend of vintage elegance and bold silhouettes, this fitting is all sleek curves and gold finishes with decorative frames and shimmering crystals. And if a 5 light shimmering ceiling fitting isn’t quite right for the style of store you have, there are other options, as well! Perhaps this 3Lt Melbourne Bar Ceiling Pendant is better suited to your retail space.

If you want to focus light onto certain areas, countertops or product displays, task lighting might be ideal for sections of your store. It helps shoppers see your products clearly and to check them out in detail.

Brightness and Colour Temperature

Colour temperature, when talking about light, refers to the tone of the light. So when you see “warm white”, “daylight”, “ice white” on bulbs that you buy in stores, that’s their tone – their colour temperature. Brightness is about how much light a light source is projecting.

Lower brightness levels paired with warmer colour temperatures are the best when you want to create the cosy atmosphere, the opposite, higher brightness with a cooler temperature, creates a brighter, more open environment.

They’re both inviting in different ways but the latter is more suited to retail stores because customers are walking and looking at the products and this is more comfortable in brighter light.

Energy Efficient Lighting

Energy efficient lighting is the staple of all businesses now, really. It saves energy, reduces your energy bills, and is all-around greener for the environment and puts your store in a more positive light. LED bulbs, compact fluorescent bulbs, and high-efficiency fluorescent tubes are some examples of energy efficient lighting but LEDs offer the best bang for your buck. They have the best performance life and efficiency rates and for long-term, they are the best option.

For large retail chains that have the lights on every day and spend a large for every day they’re open, energy efficient lighting is certainly the most ideal solution.

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