Decorative Outdoor Lighting: Classical Styling Vs. Contemporary

maandag 27 november 2023
Now is the time homeowners realise they need to upgrade their outdoor lighting. The nights are dark, the mornings are darker, and even the afternoons when it’s a grey rainy day!

Outdoor lighting has a range of benefits, not least being able to find your keys on a dark night, or not trip over the front step on a gloomy morning! Outdoor lighting is good for security purposes, and for making your home feel more welcoming in the darker months.

In this post though, we’re going to focus on the aesthetics of outdoor lighting. Grab a cup of tea and settle in as we showcase some classical-style outdoor lights and some more contemporary outdoor lighting.

texas contemporary wall lightShould You Choose Classic Style Outdoor Lighting Or Contemporary Styles?

Now, not everyone is going to agree with us here, but we say, choose whatever outdoor lighting you like the look of for your home! We’ve seen examples where older properties have modern lights and they look great, we’ve also seen new builds with more classic-style lights, and they also worked really well.

Of course, some people with older properties may feel more classic-inspired outdoor lights, such as our Alex range would suit their property better. And it is true, that if you choose an older style of outdoor lights, they are going to look more ‘faithful’ to what may have been on your property originally…although of course, they are still modern lights as we don’t stock gas lamps!

Modern homes, or those that were built after around 1960 may look better with more contemporary style lights, and ultra-modern homes will also look great with some of our more unusual, minimalistic designs.

Of course, you could also just opt for really discrete, unobtrusive outdoor lighting if you don’t want to make a statement with your lighting at all. We stock plenty of styles of discrete styles of outdoor lights that leave the spotlight on your home and garden, not on the lighting.

There are no rules here though, whether you go for classical styles or contemporary, your home should be lit up by lights you love!

Genoa outdoor wall lightClassical Inspired Outdoor Lights

if you are looking for inspiration for classical style outdoor lighting inspired by days gone by, here are our five favourites…

Genoa Outdoor Wall Light 
We’re starting off strong with this beautiful traditional light that features leaded glass and a wonderful rustic patina.

Toronto Rustic Wall Light 
The Toronto wall light comes in a rustic brown colour and has a distinctive maritime feel to its style. Ideal for coastal properties!

Capri outdoor wall lightsBel Aire Outdoor Post Light
Our Bel Aire range of lights are traditional-looking lights with that extra fancy feel. These would suit a wide range of properties and create the wow factor.

Capri Outdoor Uplighter 
Bellissimo! Our Capri outdoor up lighters are bound to make any property look stylish with their traditional aluminium and glass construction.

Alex 3 Light Post
Inspired by Victorian street lamps, our Alex outdoor post is a showstopper and works as a garden feature in its own right.

Contemporary Style Outdoor Lights

If you have a post-1960 home or a new build, you may prefer a more contemporary style of outdoor lighting. Here are our five favourites…

Atlanta Outdoor Wall Light 
It's all about the lines with our Atlanta range of outdoor lights. We love the clean lines and simplicity!

Louvre Outdoor Post
Sleek, modern and stylish, our Louvre range is constructed from stainless steel and strong polycarbonate. These post lights are ideal for lining a drive or placing on either side of your front door.

Maples LED Wall Light 
Our Maples wall light provides light from the top and bottom and is a flat, discrete-looking light. It would blend seamlessly on many modern homes.

Texas Wall Light 
You get the best of both worlds with our Texas wall light. It looks vaguely rustic but is an entirely modern design. An updated classic!

Walkover Floor Lights 
We think our walkover recessed floor lights are a must for a contemporary-looking patio or driveway. Providing a glamorous look to any outdoor space, these are a must for modern homes.

Outdoor Lighting From Searchlight Electric

We hope our post inspired you to light up the outside of your home with some of our outdoor lights! Whatever you choose, traditional or contemporary, they’re sure to look great.
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