Searchlight's Environmental Commitments

donderdag 6 juli 2023

As a wholesale decorative lighting retailer, we are committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards, behaviours, and ensuring that suppliers meet applicable laws and regulation. It’s a priority for us, Searchlight Electric Ltd, to ensure that we’re trading ethically and sourcing responsibly. We’re working to prevent negative sustainability impacts throughout both our business and our supply chain. Therefore, the Sustainable Sourcing Policy (SSP) lays out guidelines that we intend to follow in order to work with our factories towards a long-term, sustainable, and successful future.

Our Environmental Commitments

We want to be an environmental leader. We’re striving to be an environmental leader in the industry.

All of our products will be designed and sourced in a way that gives our customers confidence. They know we’re taking care of our environment by considering the potential environmental issues in every step of our process.

Taking responsibility for this is an essential part of operating our business in a sustainable, resilient way. Year on year, we plan to improve the environmental performance of our operations.

Managing Hazardous Materials

With our supply chain, we’re working closely to achieve long-term zero use and discharge of substances that are deemed to be hazardous. And by researching safer alternatives to be used in facilities that manufacture our products and materials, we’ll be able to put the appropriate measures in place for preventing and controlling pollution.

Material Sourcing

A lot of modern day production relies on sourcing materials such as wood for timber. However, forests are incredibly important in our fight to tackle climate change and maintain habitats for biodiversity. We’re always aware of the value that habitats like forests add to our lives and as a company that uses timber and timber products, we understand that we have a responsibility to protect this natural resource.

Any materials or products that we buy, we will do so from sustainable and traceable sources in our supply chain. For this reason, we also require suppliers to disclose details about their business and practices when it comes to their supply chains for materials. It is important that we ask our suppliers important questions such as these so that we can guarantee that the impact we have on the environment is positive. It also means that we can assure our customers that, with our shared values, materials are ethically and responsibly sourced.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is creating a real positive impact on the environment and the best thing about it is how easy it is for everyone to get on board. Remembering to turn off lights when not using them or switching from incandescent bulbs to LEDs (which most of our products are!) are only a few of the ways to be energy efficient.

When it comes to our business, Searchlight is committed. Within our showrooms, distribution centres, and offices, we’re improving our energy efficiency so that we can reduce our carbon footprint and also reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of such facilities.


Having our products on display in showrooms is amazing but we also need to consider the best way to package them. Whether we’re transporting them to a distribution centre, a warehouse, or sending out a delivery to a customer, managing the packaging is a priority.

Any materials that are difficult to recycle or damaging to the environment, we’ve adopted initiatives to help us remove those materials.

Our Sustainable Sourcing Policy is being embedded into every aspect of our business – human resources, environment, suppliers, our code of conduct.

Searchlight Electric Limited

We want our customers to take pride in us as their wholesale lighting supplier for the initiatives we take to improve our business operations. One of those initiatives is being committed to the environment in all ways we can.
Know your supplier. Choose an ethically sourced, sustainable decorative lighting retailer.

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