What Type Of Light Is Best For A Bathroom Ceiling?

woensdag 7 februari 2024
image of a brass flush bathroom light
When choosing the best lighting for a bathroom ceiling, you will be presented with many choices. Style-wise, there are lots of lights to choose from and you can pick any light you like so long as it has the correct IP rating for a bathroom.
There are other factors to consider too though such as illumination, aesthetics and the size of your bathroom. In this article, we look at the best types of lights for bathroom ceilings and how to choose your perfect light.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Bathroom Ceiling Light

IP Rating 
The most important factor when choosing bathroom ceiling lights, or any type of light for your bathroom is the IP rating. An IP rating is the amount of water resistance a light has and what area of your bathroom a light would be suitable for. Some areas, very close to your shower, for example, would need a light fixture with more water resistance than say a ceiling light. The appropriate IP rating should be chosen for light fixtures depending on how large a bathroom is, and how close the lights will be to a water source.

When you buy bathroom lights from a supplier such as us, they will all have an IP rating making it easier to shop for suitable lights. If you want to learn more about IP ratings and bathroom zones, we have a guide here.

image of a bathroom chandelier hanging over a grey bathtubIllumination 
When you are choosing where you will need light in your bathroom, remember that interior lights are at their best when used in layers. In a typical room, you would find a ceiling light, lamps, and wall lights. This isn't always possible in a bathroom though as most British bathrooms tend to be on the smaller side! That means a ceiling light may be your only light source in a bathroom, so it needs to be multitasking! The ceiling light should project enough light to be able to see properly in the vital areas of the bathroom – the shower, the sink, and the loo! However, most bathrooms are large enough to accommodate a wall light too – these are usually used over a vanity mirror.

If a ceiling light is going to be your only light source, you may want to consider bathroom track lights or spotlights so you can angle light into critical areas.

Shape & Size

The shape and size of bathroom ceiling lights can make or break a bathroom! If a bathroom is on the smaller side, many people opt for flush or semi-flush bathroom lights. In smaller spaces, flush lights work well because they can be very discrete looking, blending in with the aesthetics of the bathroom without drawing attention away from more important features. However, if you do want to make a feature of your light even in a small space, we stock many fancier types of semi-flush bathroom lights!

If a bathroom is a little more spacious or has a high ceiling, a bathroom ceiling pendant can look very glamorous.

The final deciding factor for bathroom ceiling lights should be the look of the lights and how well they match the overall style of the bathroom. Chrome and brass lights are a popular option as both re quite timeless and suit a variety of interior styles – from ultra-modern to more classic looks.

Plain and simple, or highly decorative, there is a bathroom ceiling light to suit all tastes. Keep scrolling for some of our favourites.

Bathroom Ceiling Lights – Our Top Picks

We stock a wide range of bathroom ceiling lights from flush fittings to chandeliers! Here are some of our top picks.

Puck Flush Ceiling Light 
If you're looking for something simple, understated and modern, you can't go wrong with our Puck flush ceiling light.
image of a flush bathroom ceiling light in black metal with frosted glass shade
Samson Three Light Brass Spotlight
We love this handy spotlight – if you’re limited to just a ceiling light, this one allows you to direct light to the most important parts of your bathroom.

Autumn Crystal Chandelier
If you're looking for a bathroom light with plenty of wow factor, our Autumn chandelier is ideal. Rated IP44, it is fully splashproof and features stunning crystal droplets to catch the light and sparkle.

image of a brass and glass flush bathroom ceiling lightGlasgow Flush Antique Brass Light
Our final favourite is the Glasgow antique brass flush bathroom ceiling light. Mixing traditional and contemporary with a touch of industrial style, this flush light would look great in a traditional-style bathroom or loo.

Searchlight Electric

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Feel free to browse our full range of decorative lighting, or contact us if you have any queries about our products or ordering.